A Chil'd Sneak, thief, pickpocket et cetera...


Tock is a small (of course) Chil’d from parts up river. With a penchant for acrobatics, an eye for coin, and an absence of anything really approaching morals or scruples. When Tock is particularly upset by especially large opponents is when he gets his most creative… typically with a grappling hook.

Tock is a thief through and through. Breaking and entering is his go-to move whenever he needs to accomplish something. So far this has yielded mixed results, but he’s made it work. While most of his escapes tend to be way more hasty than he’d like, he normally comes out on top with whatever he planned to nick anyway.

Tock’s favored tactics are to hurl things at people as he is a remarkable shot, ideally from some hidden location. He carries a harpoon that he’s had custom made, and some boomerangs he’s picked up. The harpoon is serious business.

Tock’s symbol is an ornate pendulum which he leaves on jobs that he’s particularly proud of. Somewhere out there is a cowardly beastman with —@ on his head.

STR: 9
INT: 16
DEX: 18
WIS: 13
CON: 12
CHA: 12

Acrobatics 6
Athletics -1
Blend 1
Bluff 3
Crafting 8
Disguise 3
Haggle 2
Impress 2
Intimidate 3
Investigate 2
Medicine 2
Notice 4
Prestidigitation 6
Resolve 4
Ride 4
Search 3
Sense Motive 3
Sneak 6
Survival 3
Tactics 3

Interests: Botany, Geology, Fishing
Defense 17 (DR 3, Magic Marred Chainmail)
Vitality 17 / Wounds 8
Init 5
Unarmed -1
Ranged 5 (Harpoon: Bleed, Cord, Pech, Hook, Finesse, 1d8+4/ 18-20 threat, 20*3 threat)
(Boomerang: Lure, Return, 1d6 subdual)
Fort 2
Reflex 4
Will 4
Speed 30

-100 Chiam
-5 The 1st Tribe
-6 Thoren Hyde
+2 Wharfmaster Doddin
+2 Tarvis the Furp.
+4 Mrs. McCracken
+1 Selthan



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