Lord Grath Fletcher

A stalwart Draken and his mate.


Str 18
Dex 10
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 14

Athletics +7
Impress +6
Intimidate +5
Medicine +6
Notice +4
Resolve +4
Sense Motive +6
Survival +4
Tactics +10

Draken Pact
Path of Heroism

Defense 13
Vitality 47 / Wounds 15
Initiative 2
Unarmed +7
Melee +7
Ranged +3
Fort 5
Ref 1
Will 6

Ground 30ft
Flight 50ft

+4 Elsa Dil
+2 Mrs. Doddin,
-2 Selthan
-5 The 1st Tribe
+1 Jem Jezzeret
+1 Tef Eastenbarrow


Grath Fletcher grew up in a small village in the Far south with his father Seian and his mother Kaia. The conditions in the village over time became less and less livable as the farmland was becoming more dry and harder to harvest, and the Marred clans from the surrounding area were becoming more militant and encroaching on more of the village land. In response to the marred threat the village became a slapdash militia in an attempt to defend their land. Some of the citizens, however, were unsure of whether the land was worth defending. The conflict came to its most heated point as Grath had just entered adulthood, and from an early age he had been taught the ways of the warrior as his father Seian was the commander of the entire military force the village had to offer. However Grath was never very confident in his skills with the sword and even less of his ability to lead. Despite this fact, Grath’s father continually told him that some day he would have to lead these soldiers, and he had the utmost confidence that he would be, “The greatest leader these fine Draken have ever seen.” This had no effect on Grath’s lack of confidence, however it did put more pressure on him than ever to be the best soldier he could. He spent every waking moment of his days practicing his swordsmanship with his long time friend and sparring partner Marilyn. They grew closer over those stressful months and he confided in her about his lack of confidence in between practice and battling the seemingly relentless marred attacks.

After months of fighting back marred forces, and more villagers coming to the consensus that the land isn’t worth defending, a decisive battle ensued and many casualties were suffered. During this battle Seian was mortally wounded and in his last moments he transferred command to Grath, as blades clashed and flames lit up the field around them. after a few moments of being flummoxed with indecision Grath was overtaken by what he could only describe as the will of a greater power and his leadership abilities shined like never before. As Grath took charge of his forces the tide turned almost immediately and they drove the marred forces back into the forest from whence they came.

The aftermath of the battle was gruesome; nearly half of the town had been slaughtered in the fray. Grath spoke to the town elders about what they ought to do next. It was an almost unanimous decision to leave the village and let the, “Filthy little beasts have this godforsaken spit of land.” And with that they left the town the following morning. During the long flights that followed Grath began speaking to Marilyn about how precious their own lives are and how he wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else. He asked her to marry him as soon as they had made it to somewhere befitting of building a family. The tribe of Draken spent years as nomads before there was talk of perhaps making a settlement. One night, after making camp in a fairly hospitable cave, Grath was summoned to speak to the elders privately.

“Your father expected great things of you.” an elderly Draken spoke, “And whether I want to believe it or not, despite your age at the time, you’ve saved us all. And since those days of bloodshed you’ve matured into a Draken we are all proud to be counted among. And believe me when I say your father would be especially proud. Now, I believe that makes you the most suitable for the job ahead of us.”

Another Draken stepped in, “Indeed, we’ve been flying listlessly about these lands for far too long, and we believe it is time for us to have a home again. Grath Fletcher, we charge you with the duty of setting out to procure the supplies and workers we need to make this camp a new settlement. A place for us to rebuild our lives, and heal from the grievous wounds dealt us by those filthy marred. What say you?”

Grath was delighted at the offer, but said he needed to attend to one thing before giving his answer. He left the tent and quickly found Marilyn. He explained the situation to her, and the fact that it meant his leaving the tribe.

“Will you accompany me on this journey?” Grath asked looking into Marilyn’s eyes.
“I’ll follow wherever you lead, Captain.” She said as her eyes shone more brightly than they had in years.

Grath blurted out, “Let us be wed tonight!”

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment!” Marilyn responded joyously. Grath returned to the elders with the news that he would take up their charge and that he was to wed Marilyn that night. There was much rejoicing about the camp that night, and by week’s end Grath and Marilyn were prepared to begin their journey. On that morning they set out for Lake Dilreen to create a new beginning for their people.

Lord Grath Fletcher

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