The Town News

5th day of the 3rd nonth.
Adventurers arrive in town! What are we going to do with all of them? I hope Elsa has something prepared for supper!

7th day of the 3rd nonth.
Something’s wrong with Czaren’s boat. Marcus is having a look at it.

Selthan came by this afternoon. She wanted to take a look at my ledger to get an idea of who’s in town. Wonder why?

13th day of the 3rd nonth.
Looks like Czaren won’t be leaving any time soon. Those rowdy Mudclaw boys are at it again upriver.

14th day of the 3rd nonth.
Master Greth, Master Sand, Olympia and Tok set out for the Northern Mountain Pass. I doubt they’ll find anything up there, save for a few wild rams.

Some of the other adventurers set off up river to give those Mudclaws a talking to. What I hope they give them is a boot in their arse! I’ve got dresses to send down stream!

Kossick Xenotar just made the most delicious dish! I nearly fainted after Sal put the ladle in my mouth. Too bad he’s gone up into the mountains with Marcus.

15th day of the 3rd nonth.
Greth and his friends returned, telling tall tales about Marred in the mountains. With poor T’ch sick like this, we can’t have him running around upsetting everyone with tall tales. He and Olympia left as soon as they came.

Tok seems to have gotten himself in a bit of trouble. Chiam‘s making wild accusations. No doubt both of them were trying to steal from Thoren. This’ll give Jeka something else to screech about come the woman’s circle.

Honey of Mardon’s been looking for someone to make her a fine net for her apiary. Are all marred really named after their jobs?

Wilson Tanner just finished the addition on to his shop, he’s looking for more work for his apprentice. About time they put that boy to use.

17th day of the 3rd nonth.
Marcus returned. They’ve got Tef excited about something. The Hildenbarrows packed up shop and left today. Wonder if things are getting worse up on the mountain?

Selthan Came by.

Elsa Dil is trying to recruit some of the local youngsters to work in the inn while T’ch is still sick. She’s running the poor tadpoles ragged!

Sal Fishman is looking for an “instructor.” Fool boy’s going to get himself killed playing with swords.

Still no word from the boys who went to go deal with the Mudclaws. Hope they just got lost.

Mrs. McCracken’s chickens got loose again.

There’s been talk about trying to form a proper town council.

18th day of the third nonth

Sal and Thoren got into it today. Looks like Thoren’s hurt.

More trouble with those mudclaws! Ralf’s talking about evacuating the town.

19th day of the third nonth
Some of the down-river’s sorted out this blockade nonsense. It’ll be nice to have things back to normal.

Liam Croix, a very fancy man from the the city has decided to build a manner over on Rib Point. I doubt the Tooth Fish’ll agree with him.

A tailor called Memmnot came with him as well. Wonder what that means for Content Not Found: zanna-dil’s stitching business?

Some Fair were also with Liam. Can’t imagine what they’d want.

20th day of the third nonth
Lord Brandywine of Bram sent a courier to announce his official holding to the south of the lake, whatever that means. I’ve never met a nobleman before, I wonder if I should have Memmnot stitch me something gussy.

Cian duVan has been stirring up trouble again. Just when we thought the Diggers had finally settled their score.

Sal Fishman got “elected” to be the warden of the nearby farmsteads, but he’s got it into his head to “expand the town’s claim.” Ralf says he’s got a point, but somebody ought to talk some sense into that fool.

The Town News

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