The Fair


The Fair tend towards pale complexions, with eyes and hair in every color of the visible spectrum. Tall and slender, the Fair are unnaturally beautiful. Perhaps the most affected by Quantum Fluctuations, the Fair seem preoccupied with phenomenon other races are unable to perceive, making them seem cold and distant.

Culture and settlements:
The Fair have no joined culture, preferring to travel alone, or with groups from other races. Occasionally, Fair will gather to exchange genetic material for mating, but what evidence has been obtained of this process implies it occurs magically. The few fair that do settle in groups do so underground, and many have secondary mutations that make their minds and bodies appear even more horrifically beautiful.

Type: Medium biped folk fey with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your constitution score.

Attributes: +2 dex or int. -1 wis, -1 con
Base speed: 40 ft.
Natural Elegance
Split Decision: Ready two different actions with one ready-action.
Keen Sight
Achilles Heal: Bang damage.

The Fair

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