Races of the Midglass

Quantum fluctuations are more common in the Midglass. Over time, life has changed to incorporate the phenomenon into its fold; The results are invariably horrific.

The Marred ( Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogres and Giants)
The first aberrations of human physiology. Marring is hereditary, and no two Marred has the exact same deformity.

The Diggers (Dwarves)
The unspeakably boring diggers are the most industrious denizens of the Midglass. Their subterranean civilizations are difficult to observe from dirigible.

The Fair (Elves)
Oh, the fair look lovely enough, but their minds are kaput! And don’t let that blank stare fool you. The Fair are always looking to break something down to get a closer look at its electrons.

The Roots (Rootwalkers)
The effects of Quantum fluctuations are not exclusive to mammalian life. Or even animal life, for that matter.

The Chil’d (Pech)
Small, quick, and conniving. Avoid the Chil’d at all costs, and remember: They are NOT children.

The Draken (Drakes)
Some claim the Draken are intelligent like their bipedal cousins. Their territorial nature, combined with their astonishing flight speeds make this difficult to verify from dirigible.

The Scales (Saurian)
The reptilian scales are almost as numerous as their Marred counterparts, and certainly more organized. Scales navigate the seas, bogs, and jungles of the Midglass, and have adapted to almost every environment.

Races of the Midglass

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