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Mrs. Doddin’s Ledger

The First place players should look for information about Lake Dilreen

List of Adventurers in Lake Dilreen – A list of the newcomers to Lake Dilreen, updated daily.
List of citizens of Lake Dilreen – The townsfolk of Lake Dilreen and the services they provide.
The Town News – Upcoming or Recent events in Lake Dilreen.
Senic areas around the village – A list of places adventurers have mapped- or ought to.

Enclosure Research Notes (A setting overview)

Construction of the “Hourglass”
The Miniaturization Process
Quantum Fluctuations

Collected Research on the Midglass, by Yarnell Questionton

Geography of the Midglass
Animals of the Midglass
Races of the Midglass
Culture of the Midglass
Religion of the Midglass
Tribes of the Marred

Main Page

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