List of Adventurers in Lake Dilreen

Greth and his lovely wife Marilyn – Two more draken to defend us! We must be the luckiest village on the river!

Olympia Copolla – Don’t know much about her, but she likes poking her nose in council business. That can’t be good.

Marcus Kelroc – You’d expect a southerner to be more handsome, but he’s so handy! I wonder if he’ll help us get a proper loom working this nonth?

Jason Sand – A masked magician in our midst? I wonder if he’s got anything to do with my disappearing pies?

Scale Merchants – Scaled merchants living in the old winterbarn. Elsa won’t like that cook of theirs setting up shop.

Charles Kitchen – a strongarm from down river.

The rest of the text looks like its been smudged by a hand with three fingers

List of Adventurers in Lake Dilreen

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