Lake Dilreen

The Lake

Lake Dilreen is a wide, calm river set in the valleys of the River down. Only a day down one of the small offshoots of the River Down, Lake Dilreen offers the best fishing in the region.

The muddy banks of the lake are home to the ToothFish Marred Clan, one of the more amicable clans in the area, and are also home to the vicious Mud Claw. In the foothills and forests around the lake, the First Tribe hunt, pillage, and generally make a mess of things.

At the bottom of the lake, Selthan the blue makes her roost. She is the self styled protector of the Lake Dilreen region, and is quick to enlist adventurers in her quest to eliminate the Marred threat.

The hills, forests, and mountains around the town are inhabited by two tribes of Diggers. The Eastenbarrow Diggers are sparse in number, preferring to mine the wealth of the mountains. Their cantankerous cousins, the Hildenbarrow Diggers are potters and carpenters, living in the wooded foothills to the south.

Lake dilreen

The Town

The town of Lake Dilreen boasts a population slightly over a two hundred. Their low, sturdy homes were built by the nearby Hildenbarrow Diggers. The Town serves as a trading post for the two nearby digger clans to exchange materials for fish and vegetables from the town. Some exiled Marred even live in the town, working as fishermen and laborers

Lake Dilreen

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