The Go-mar are thought to be exceptionally marred Chil’d. Their mutations have disabled most higher level emotional processes in the brain. Go-mar have a very basic understanding of ownership and community, and frequently cannibalize each other. Go-mar are violent, but not murderous. Unless goaded on by an overseer, they prefer to cook prey alive rather than kill them, frequently pummeling enemies and then dragging them off to fire-pits for roasting.


Go-mar stand two to three and a half feet tall. Most are a brassy brown or bright green. Go-mar have large canine teeth, long floppy noses, and pointed ears. Their hands and feet are slightly larger in proportion to the rest of their bodies.

Type: Small (1×1) biped folk with a reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal 2/3rds of your constitution score.
Attributes: +3 dex, -3 int.
Base Speed: 40 ft.
Low Light Vision
Blood hound
Agile defense


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