Culture of the Midglass

The varied cultures of the midglass all share some important elements:

* A lack of expansive centralized governments

* Rudimentary record keeping.

  • Individually crafted books (Could you imagine? Hah!)
  • Lack of cohesive cultural identity.

Part of their lack of organization stems from the physical mutations in the brains of Midglassers, caused by quantum fluctuations. Of course, were quantum fluctuations not present, they would most likely still be in a state of savagery.

Among those who manipulate quantum fluctuations, there exists loose system of respect and rank.

Of the populated areas of the Midglass, the following areas are of particular note:

The Northern Landmass

The River Down

The city states of Bram and Bold

The Southern Landmass

St. Iron

Jungles of Scale

Culture of the Midglass

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