The Song of the North

Breaking the Blockade
The Mudclaw meet their match

Two men fight in the narrow cart paths that serve as Lake Dilreen’s streets. Two men tussle in the street, and as one rises, he’s brought to the ground by a mighty punch

Tensions run high in the small fishing village on the banks of Lake Dilreen. A fight has broken out between Wilson Tanner and Sal Fishman over the value of the tanner’s coin when purchasing fish. The marred blockade has destroyed the town’s delicate downriver economy.

The inn is much less crowded than usual. In the corner, Mrs. McCracken eats a dribbly porridge, her two remaining chickens quietly clucking their dismay in cages on the floor. Seated around a table, an intricately tattooed Uruk and unusually well behaved Go-mar gnaw halfheartedly on spits of roasted fish. Their hollow eyes belie a sense of hopelessness. An assortment of locals and a few straggling newcomers fill the corners, all a bit harrowed by the viciousness of the recent street fight.

Jason Sand, only just recovered from his own encounter with the first tribe in the woods west of town descends the stairs of the inn. He immediately strikes up a conversation with the marred. He tries to rouse them to action, and when Greth arrives with his preliminary reconnaissance, the call to battle becomes even more fervent, and the Toothfish marred agree to help.

Kossick, Jason and the three marred begin preparing for battle as Greth and Marilyn take to the skies to scout the best approach. A member of the mercenary band captured by the Mudclaw, Kelzac, suggests that perhaps they not engage so rashly, even suggesting they evacuate the town before embarking on such a course of action. The debate continues, even as they consult with the Wharfmaster.

Greth and Marilyn, meet Selthan in the ruin of Mrs. McCracken’s farm house. The sleeping blue dragon awakes with a start, and cautions the pair against setting sights on her glory. She also warns them of the Mudclaw’s advanced tactics, and their alliance with the 1st tribe. Before they part, she reveals that the Blackscale Flight has been seen to the north of the lake.

Eventually, the adventurers settle on sailing across the lake to confront the mudclaw directly at their blockade. Sal Fishman offers to accompany them into battle, ferrying them across Dilreen in his large cutter. The Toothfish Uruk in the party promptly throws him off the side of the boat and the party continues in confidence, knowing they’ve saved the young fisherman’s life.

On the cape, the mudclaw had dug in for an extensive campaign of pillaging. Warmachines the likes of which Lake Dilreen has never seen dotted the water’s edge, catapults ready to sink any rivergoing vessel. The Mudclaw themselves are much less imposing. Covered in the clay-mud mixture Hildenbarrow diggers use to twist their beards, the Mudclaw are a brown and red, screaming pustule on the face of Lake Dilreen. Greth is the first to lance this boil, flying ahead of the ship and igniting one of the catapults. Sal’s boat is run aground, and the fight begins in earnest!

The two go-mar reveal their magical talents, ignighting more catapults, and bringing their full might to bear against the or-mar netholders now charging into battle. The commanding uruk felled by his toothfish rival, Ho-mar archers took flight, sending up a hail of whistling arrows. Though few marred escaped the attack, the arrows summoned the full power of the blockade. Heavy stones flung from hidden positions along the western bank flew into the cape. Greth’s mighty roar finally put the ambushers into retreat, leaving the blockade in shambles.

Attempts to pursue or forage on the west bank revealed more traps, like those Jason and Tok encountered while searching for the 1st tribe’s lumber camp. The threat subdued for now, the crew decided to take their evening’s rest, sending poor Fishman back to the town with their supplies. In the dead of night, a small ship managed to slip past the cape and into the lake before Jason Sand could get a closer look.

The next morning’s fly-by pursuits reveal the nature of the marred camouflage: cleverly disguised netting concealing the catapult positions, and wheeled catapults pulled by teams of or-mar. Greth lands in one area laden with plunder and drives off the marred, but his success soon proved to be a trap. What appeared to be the leader of the marred forces came forward and challenged the draken to mortal combat.

Meanwhile, back at the cape, the head scratching about what to do ends abruptly when legions of go-mar attempt to retake the blockade position. A strangely marked Or-Mar, eyes burning with hatred, charges into the fray as well. Swarmed by green ankle biters, the heroes concentrate their attacks on the hulking ogre and break the goblin forces down one by one. The assault from the west bank proves fruitless, as Jason rams the boat into the swimming troops before being reinforced by the Toothfish shamen.

Greth and Marilyn triumph over the armored commander, and their wounds are not so great that they are unable to return. Though they recovered nothing from the mercenaries that so boldly came before them, the heroes of Lake Dilreen ended the Marred’s stranglehold over the river. They also discovered the extent of the Mudclaw’s alliance with the 1st tribe, and the size of their forces.

Rewards from this Session

1 Flawless wedding band worth 1000 silver pieces.
1 body part
1 flawless body part worth 40 silver pieces
1 flawless Frilly laced cravat worth 170 silver pieces.

1 small portrait worth 20 silver
1 casket of Sea Fruits worth 50 silver
1 diamond worth 600 silver pieces.
A large array of vial cloth dyes worth 375 silver.

1 pouch containing 225 silver pieces
1 destroyed weapon (bow)
1 music box
1 masterwork musical pan flute
1 masterwork standard (blank)

2 invisibility potions
3 strong acid bile’s
1 cause wounds 4 scroll
1 lightning bolt 1 scroll

Kelzac, Kossick Xenotar, Jason Sand and the Toothfish Marred each gain 500xp

Greth Gains 550xp for defeating the Uruk Champion, and gains “The Spiral Shell of Down,” a magical necklace that allows the wearer to breath underwater (Aquatic II).

Each character also gains their legend +6 reputation.

All participants gain +1 disposition with the citizens of Lake Dilreen, except Sal Fishman, -5 with The First Tribe and -5 with The Mudclaw.

Meanwhile, back in town
Tok and Jason discover the extent of the Marred plot

While many of the adventurers in Lake Dilreen set out to plumb the depths of the Eastenbarrow mines, Tok decided to “take inventory” of Thoren Hyde’s shop. Stealthily searching through the shelves and jars of herbs, the knowledgeable chil’d discovered that many of the most recently used components could’ve been used to create a powerful coma poison. No sooner had he begun piecing together this plot when Thoren arrived home, climbing into bed with his hereto unnoticed wife! Tok thought to hog tie the couple and question them, but he was a bit too loud and Thoren leaped out of bed, chasing him down the street.

The next day, Chiam was being interrogated by the men in the town square. When Tok thought to investigate, he was grabbed and questioned as well. Thoren wasn’t sure which of the diminuitive sneaks had broken into his home and business last night, but he was sure it was one of them. Chiam argued that it was Tok, claiming the newcomer was part of the Thiefing Guild and had stolen Thoren’s silver. Sure enough, Tok had taken a bag of silver the previous day from Chiam’s tent. The framing successful, Chiam went on to insinuate that Tok might’ve also poisoned T’ch Dil, but realized that noone believed the girl to have been poisoned.

Suspicion on both of the Chil’d, tarvis-the-furp decided to question each separately, and had Tok hauled off to the boathouse. Within, Chiam struck up a rapport with Wharfmaster Doddin, discussing the finer points of spear fishing. When Tarvis finally arrived, Tok confirmed the village wiseman’s suspicions about Chiam. The furp asked Tok to discover the scheming half-pint’s plan, and stop it.

Tok escapes after sunset, taking advantage of the drunken revelry the furp has arranged to more thoroughly investigate the herbalist’s shop. He discovers a recently made mixture and skillfully re-creates it. There’s a trail of the mixture leading out Thoren’s door and off toward the furp’s hut. Inside, Chiam is poised to give T’ch the antidote to the poison he concocted. He explains that poisoning the young girl was part of his plan to convince the town to let the two be wed. He would “cure” the mysterious “illness” by delivering “true love’s kiss.” The antidote tucked firmly beneath his tongue, he begged Tok to help him, confessing his undying affection for the girl. Tok agreed.

And then went outside and promptly told everybody what was going on. The army of irate fishermen invading the hut made it impossible for Chiam to continue his ruse, and as he was carried off on the men’s shoulders, the furp helped Tok administer the antidote. Within minutes T’ch was conscious again. Tarvis was greatful, but Tok still had to be punished for breaking into Thoren’s house in the first place. The Chil’d would serve as T’ch’s nurse until she recovered, living in the Furp’s hut with her.

Before Marcus and company returned from the hills, Selthan arrived to aid in the judgement of Chiam. A few magic words, and some angry roaring, and Chiam was sent screaming off into the woods, never to be seen again.

Rewards from this session

Tok received +2 disposition with Wharfmaster Doddin, +2 Disposition with Tarvis the Furp.

Into the Eastenbarrow

In the modest, gray-hewn walls of Eastenbarrow, an unfamiliar smell wafts through the tunnels. A sweet smelling stew, lovingly crafted by Kossick, has bewitched the stomachs and minds of Jem Jezzeret’s stubborn Diggers. They’ve agreed to let the Hildenbarrow archeologist dig in the deep mines, under guard, of course.

In the night, Greth and his wife arrive, seeking refuge and the chance to speak to Marcus. Jem gives them the run around, and they’re left to sleep in the entry hall.

Olympia, on the other hand, was greeted with open arms; even able to convince the treasurer to let her escort the archeologist as a representative of the barrow.

Venturing into the mines at last, the adventurers set off down the narrow and winding paths deep within the mountains surrounding Lake Dilreen. Stumbling down a 90 foot hole to the bottom of another maze of tunnels, the sounds of their footfalls (or body falls) has alerted a band of vicious dire moles to their presence.

The moles burrow in and out of view, and for a moment, things look dire until Marcus fires his musketoon. Ricocheting within the cramped confines of the cave, the musketoon shot deafens everyone, including the moles. Their keen sense of hearing removed, the heroes finish all but one off.

They continue through the cave. A right turn takes them into a large cavern, crawling with thick white grubs. The larve appear to be feeding on Glowing mushrooms, and Kossic grabs a few as they move along, and the group nears a steep drop surrounded by naturally growing Quartz crystals. On the ground far below, the body of a giant insect rested, quietly sleeping whith its lower half still tunneled into the solid rock. A silent retreat was made.

Re-tracing their steps, they went straight at the junction, this time heading towards a shallow underground lake. The lakebed was crawling with grubs, who suckled the blood from any unfortunate enough to slip and fall. At the lake’s far end, there stood a medium sized crate with metal lined edges sitting atop a raised rock. The material inside was incredibly toxic, sickening those near it. The box was promptly re-sealed and the group made their way to investigate the last of the mine’s twists and turns.

More mushrooms and grubs populated this tunnel, but also something much larger. After passing the carcass of their final mole enemy, they discovered a group of Marred camping within this incredibly deep cavern. The archeologist sniffs the air, and realizes the Marred are cooking one of his kinsmen. The Hildenbarrow was originally sent into the mine to try and rescue spies from his clan. Unfortunately, the marred got to one of them first. While trying to set an ambush, the group is spotted and the marred flee, collapsing their escape behind them.

The way through closed, the group decides to head back up closer to the entrance and try another path. A shorter distance across, but down an even more narrow and impossibly deep hole, the archeologist identifies markings that would imply the presence of Digger ancestors decades hence. Digging deeper into the hole reveals not only ancient digger remains, but also a strange New metal. Rather than pursue the marred, they chose to cut their losses and return the evidence they’d collected and rest.

Jem Jezzeret was overjoyed at the adventurer’s discovery, but they had to haggle to negotiate a cut of the material. Under close guard, they rest within Eastenbarrow until the next morning. The archeologist gives them a send off (subtly requesting they petition Tef for help) before leading nearly half the clan down into the deep mines.

Returning to the lakeside after a minor detour caused by some marred, the heroes find the town is in dire straits. Days without a shipment in or out of the area have reduced the value of currency to nearly nothing. To make matters worse, a number of adventurers took off for the hills to break the mudclaw blockade and haven’t returned.

Jason Sand is waiting to speak with Greth, and Tef is eager to buy up the strange new material and begin experimentation.

Rewards from this session:

Olympia Copolla Receives +1 disposition with Jem Jezzeret, +2 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow

Kossick Xenotar Receives +1 disposition with Jem Jezzeret, +1 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow.

Marcus Kelroc Receives +1 disposition with Jem Jezzeret, +2 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow

Greth Receives +1 disposition with Jem Jezzeret, +1 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow

Battle of the Northern Pass

Selthan’s call to investigate the marred surrounding the North Mountain Pass has been answered. Greth, Olympia and Jason Sand discuss investigating.

On the docks, one of the last boats to slip in before The Mudclaw tribe cut off river access has finally arrived. A Chil’d disembarks, and is greeted by Chiam, who invites him to sleep in his tent while Chiam recovers in the furp’s hut.

Seeking entertainment, Tok heads to the inn and eavesdrops on the adventurer’s discussion.

In the end, the five of them agree to investigate the marred threat at the north pass as a group. They hike for most of the day, and when they arrive, the area looks fairly deserted. Its not long before they notice marred near by, poised for an ambush. Jason tries to intimidate them, but they are led by a powerful Ho-Mar shaman.

A battle ensues. The shaman’s magic protects him from Jason’s spells, and sends Greth fleeing for his life. The draken warrior returns to battle just in time, and Jason’s horrific taunts put the enemy in a panic. Olympia and the Uruk fighters spar until reinforcements can arrive, and Tok’s harpoon fells the fleeing Ho-mar.

While flaying the flesh from the shaman in a grotesque ritual, a wandering Or-mar walks through the pass. Though frightened to near death, the group manages to convince him to carry a warning to the rest of the Marred.

Back in town, Jason disappears to continue his work. The Draken and Olympia, intrigued by the news of Marcus’ mission, make for the mountains again.

Tok, however, is caught up in Chiam‘s scheme. The night of the group’s return from the pass, Tok broke into Thoren Hyde’s shop to examine his store and possibly come up with an antidote for T’ch Dil. While resting in Chiam’s tent earlier in the day, he stole silver pieces from Chiam that were originally owned by Thoren Hyde. The next day, he and Chiam are rounded up and Tok is implicated in the theft of the silver, and in the possible poisoning of T’ch Dil!

Rewards from this session:

Greth has achieved -5 Disposition with The 1st Tribe

Olympia has achieved -5 Disposition with The 1st Tribe

Jason Sand has achieved +2 Disposition with Selthan, -5 Disposition with The 1st Tribe

Tok has achieved +2 Disposition with Chiam, -5 Disposition with The 1st Tribe, -5 Disposition with Thoren Hyde

And some assorted magical elixirs, trophies, and coin.

Dilreen Delights

The Scale merchants, tired of Elsa Dil’s stale porridge, ask Kossick Xenotar to whip up something delicious for them to eat. Kossick Xenotar goes down to the docks, and makes nice with Sal Fishman, a young angler. Sal agrees to sell the fish for a pittance if Kossick Xenotar will share some of the meal with him. In Greth’s barn, the scale chef manages to whip up something truly spectacular.

Meanwhile Marcus Kelroc is hard at work on new designs for Czaren‘s ship. On his way to retire for the evening, a man runs by, shoving a spoon full of the most delicious fare he’s sampled in weeks. Marcus and Kossick meet, and agree to work together on Tef’s plan to ingratiate the Eastenbarrows with a feast.

Kossick procures herbs, displaying the legendary mercantile prowess the scales are much famed for. He also makes for Mrs. McCracken’s chicken farm, but is waylayed by Marred. Marcus arrives, and his horse is wounded in the fight. The two slay the Go-Mar and their Uruk master and gather the chickens they’ll need to feed the stubborn Diggers.

The archeologist’s plodding steps make the trek to Eastenbarrow arduous, but when they arrive, Jem Jezzeret is more than willing to accept the feast, and the hostage they’ve brought. Kossick’s dish does most of the negotiating, and Jem reluctantly agrees to let the Hildenbarrow archeologist into the mine.

Rewards from this session

Kossick Xenotar achieved +4 disposition with Sal Fishman. -2 Disposition with Thoren Hyde.

Marcus Kelroc achieved +2 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow. -2 disposition with Jem Jezzeret

Some assorted coin, trophies, and magic elixers

The Journey North
Our heroes begin their new lives in Lake Dilreen

Nearly a dozen hearty adventurers have made their way north along Czaren‘s river barge. Along the way, rocks damaged the ship’s flooring.

The Draken Greth and his wife Marilyn assisted Marcus Kelroc’s repairs by procuring suitable timber. Go-Mar bandits from the wood followed the pair back to the river, where they attempted to board the barge. Olympia and the pair of Draken defeated the small savages, with help from Marcus.

Finally making landing at the town’s small wharf, the voyagers disembark and are met by Mrs Doddin. As she struggles to find boarding for all of the newcomers, the four heroes from the previous battle do some asking around town. After meeting Tarvis the Furp, Greth decides to make for the mountains to retrieve the town’s missing blacksmith.

Unbeknownst to Greth, Marcus Kelroc set off for the mountains shortly after arriving. While taking soil samples, a nearby rockslide gets his attention. He and the other adventurers witness a feud between rival digger clans. The Eastenbarrow Diggers and the Hildenbarrow Diggers are just about to get violent, when Greth and Marcus help cool things off. Even Olympia’s divisive final remarks aren’t enough to get the Diggers fighting again, as a war horn summons the groups back to their respective homes.

Following the Diggers into the mountains, they meet Tef Eastenbarrow, the town’s blacksmith and an exceptionally old digger. He agrees to help Marcus gain access to the mine if he can help bring a resolution to the fight between clans.

A few days pass, during which relations between the diggers become even more strained. The murder of a Hildenbarrow child is believed to be the work of the Eastenbarrow’s, and our heroes are nearly ambushed on their way to Mrs. McCracken’s farm. When they return from ambushing a group of Marred raiders, Greth meets the unusual and unfriendly Selthan. Selthan makes it clear that she is to be the only Draken hero of Lake Dilreen before flying off in a huff. Jason Sand follows after her to learn more about Marred tribes in the area.

Greth meets with the townsfolk, getting medical assistance for poor Chiam after a few poorly mixed herbs give him a stomach ache, and he manages to clear up the misunderstanding about Mrs. Doddin’s ledger with The Scale merchants that mistakenly took it. Olympia and Marcus work both sides of the Digger problem, with Marcus sabotaging the Hildenbarrow’s trade prospects, while Olympia uses Mole bait in the Eastenbarrow mines, only to help save them later and use their trust to steal the termite repellent from them for the Hildenbarrows.

Two weeks have passed since they arrived, and as Marcus begins work with Czaren on refitting the barge, Jason Sand returns with news of Marred from the 1st Tribe gathered near the North Mountain Pass.

Rewards from this session:

Greth has achieved +4 disposition with Elsa Dil, +2 Disposition with Mrs. Doddin, -2 Disposition with Selthan.

Marcus has achieved +2 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow, +2 Disposition with Czaren, -2 disposition with Cian duVan.

Olympia has achieved +4 disposition with Cian duVan, +1 Disposition with Jem Jezzeret, +1 Disposition with Wharfmaster Doddin, -1 disposition with Tarvis the Furp.

A Notice in the Bram's Wall Tavern

The city state of Bram lies at the mouth of the River Down. Dwarfed by the rivaling city state of Bold just across the river, Bram is a haven for destitute travelers seeking to avoid the Bold Dockmaster’s stiff tolls.

On the wall of the Bram’s Wall Tavern, there’s a freshly copied papyrus notice, detailing the exciting discovery of gold and other mineral wealth in the mountains near Lake Dilreen. Prospectors, experienced rivergoers and sellswords are welcome; “The town of Lake Dilreen would be honored to host your adventures.”

With knowledge of the River Down
That are one of The Marred castes
Are Draken
or are Diggers

look for player secrets.


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