Net'up Sur

A shifty, crazy, short-attention spanned, quirky, crazy goblin. Likes fire and revers it in all its burning glory.


Go-mar Shaman
Priest Level 4
Current XP – 7,080

Str 14 (2) Int 12 (1)
Dex 12 (1) Wis 16 (3)
Con 13 (1) Cha 14 (2)

Athletics +6
Blend +5
Impress +8
Intimidate +9
Medicine +5
Notice +6
Resolve +4
Sense Motive +10
Survival +10
Tactics +6

Language – Marred
Language – Common
Language – Thiirn (Elemental)
Study – Marred Society
Alignment – Fire

Panache 2
Prudence 2

Adventurer’s Luck
Lady Luck’s Smile
Ambush Basics
Devotion Basics

Defense 15
Vitality 34
Wounds 9
Initiative +2

Melee Attack +6
Fort +3
Ref +1
Will +5


Net is a marrred originally from the Toothfish clan. He joined what fighting force the clan had and trained under the high shaman of the Toothfish, Ilkep’char. Seeing that there was little to gain by remaining among the Toothfish and believing they would eventually be crushed either by the bloodclaw or the first marred tribes, he left the clan. He believes he can see the realm of fire in his dreams, calling the place the firemaw. He follows wherever the voice of the firemaw sends him. Before he left on his way, he made a campfire and let it burn all night. In the morning, he looked into the firepit at the ashes and believed he saw a town near a grand lake. Indeed, it was Lake Dilreen. He joined a couple other toothfish who were also leaving in that direction.

Always he has asked the great firemaw what he should do. Basically, he is on a quest for a purpose. Believing that the firemaw will grant him a destiny if he proves his mastery over the flame, he tries to invoke the powers of the firemaw whenever he can, trying to prove to the firelords, and himself, his potential.

As a shaman of fire, he pretty much hates anything wet and so doesn’t really bathe a lot. Only when it’s necessary to kill things does he concede to crossing water. He gets along with people who let him be who he is and allow him to do the job his way. People that try to control him usually end up on the receiving end of fireblasts.

Net'up Sur

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