Marcus Kelroc

Kelroc is a master builder and crackshot from the Overglass.


Industrious Human Dragoon
Keeper II, Lancer II, Deadeye I

+6 Tef Eastenbarrow
+2 Czaren
-2 Cian duVan.
-1 Jem Jezzeret


Str- 14
Dex- 17
Con- 13
Int- 14
Wis- 8
Cha- 10


Athletics- 7
Crafting- 18 (Chemistry, Weapon-smith, Gunsmith)
Haggle- 2
Impress- 5
Intimidate- 5
Resolve- 6
Ride- 11 (Horses, Flying Mounts)
Tactics- 10


Military History
Language: Common
Language: Draconic

Prudence- 5
Panache- 4
Legend- 4
Military Renown- 2
Benefits of Noble Renown- 1

Feats and Abilities

Quick Draw
Yeoman’s Work
Skill Mastery Trader
Mettle I
Exceptional Skill Mastery
Trade Secret
Man of Reason
Born in the Saddle
Far-sight I
Black-powder Basics
Armor Basics
Ragged Wound
Right Between the Eyes
Focused Aim


Int: 8
Defense: 18
Vitality: 50
Wounds: 13
Speed: 30’
Edge Forte
Black-Powder Forte
Siege Weapon Proficient
Musketoon- +9, 3d6 threat 18-20, Rng 30′×6 (Calvary, Load 7, Unreliable)
Saber- +8, 1d10 threat 19-20 (Calvary, Finesse)
Lance- +8, 1d8 threat 19-20 (Ap4, Calvary, Massive, Reach +1)
Harquebus- +9, 3d6 threat 18-20, Rng 30′×6 (Calvary, Heavy, Load 7, Unreliable)
Fort: 4
Ref: 4
Will: 6


Malacar: Size- L (1×2), Speed 40
Str 14,Dex 12,Con 12,Int 4,Wis 10,Cha 6
Init-IV, Atk-IV, Def-IV, Res-V, Health-III
Athletics-V, Notice-III
Fearless I, Improved Stability, Tough II
Kick II Trample I(1d10+2; threat 20; Fort (DC = to damage or
become sprawled)


Kelroc’s House of Fixings: Scale 3, Guests 4/10
Workshop, Vault
Assistant +3
3-Tradesmen at +5


Partial Leather Armor (Dr-1, Fire Resist 5)
Bandolier (Load -2 on Black-Powder)
Crafting Kit
Climbing Kit

Originally from the “Overglass” Marcus lived a quiet life as a rather prolific craftsman. Building things of all sorts from houses, to boats and everything in between. When he was not crafting Marcus spent the rest of his time reading as much as he could about the sciences or spending time with his family, wife Levelle and son Barthalamue. It was a quiet life removed from most of the trifling of the “Overglass”. Then one day while Marcus had been working in his shop he heard a scream from inside of the house. Running inside he was confronted by several men. Two holding his wife, another with his son over their shoulder leaving and two more to grab Marcus. As it would be revealed a rather pompous Lord Thane Llewyn had not been fully pleased with some work that Marcus had done for him. In return he had sent the Taxmen knocking at Marcus’ door to collect. Fighting as hard as he could the men eventually struck him in the back of the head and knocked him out. When he awoke his son was gone. Soon after his wife became very ill and no doctor in all of the “Overglass” could figure out what was wrong with her. She eventually passed away after about 6 months of a steadily worsening condition. This on top of his son being taken took Marcus to the edge. He swore revenge on the Taxman and Llewyn, who cost him his son and now his wife. However, being a master craftsman Marcus knew patience. Marcus spent the next 3 years working and training. He gave up making houses and the like and switched to making weapons; swords, spears, lances…and guns. When he was not making them he was training with them. Becoming more and more adept at using them, until he knew he was ready. He bought a horse on that fateful night and rode to Llewyn’s house. After knocking on the door it was Llewyn’s personal Taxman who answered, the same one who had taken Barthalamue, he had no time to react as a confused look crept across his face following the loud “BOOM” that was emitted from Marcus’ musketoon, the Taxman dropped to the ground dead a moment later. Fueled by revenge Marcus strode through the house, servants running in every direction. He kicked in the door of Llewyn’s room to find him standing sword drawn ready to face him. Marcus never even blinked, drawing a side arm he shot Llewyn through the chest with another deafening “BOOM”. Before Llewyn died Marcus demanded to know what happened to his son. In his last moments Llewyn pointed towards a door in the back of the room. Marcus hurriedly burst through the door to find his son lying in bed…in a pool of blood. Realizing that his shot had been loaded to full and had pierced through the man and the wall and into his son killing him as well, Marcus collapsed to the bed side holding his son crying. It was at this point that something broke inside of Marcus. The next day the courts, as Overglassers are not found of getting their hands dirty, exiled Marcus out of the “Overglass”. Saddling up his horse with what possession he had been allowed to keep, enough supplies to make it to the next town, his saber and his mustketoon, Marcus rode south out of the “Overglass”, occasionally mumbling to himself something about not allowing this to ever happen again…

Marcus Kelroc

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