Jotunn of the Æsir

A Giant breeder of animals


Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 11

Atheletics 4
Medicine 3
Ride (flying mounts)6
Survival 5

Æsir language
Giant History
Animal breeding & training

Feats & Abilities:
Improved Stability
Sterner Stuff
Animal Partner
Lifetime Companion
Practiced Medicine
Practiced Survival
Trackless Step
Born in the Saddle
Trail Blazer
Night Fighting

Fort +5
Ref +5
Will +2

Initative 7
Defense 13
Vitality 25
Wounds 21
Speed 50ft
Reach 2
Unarmed forte
Edged forte
Bow forte
Hurled proficent

Daunting Shot
Relentless Attack
Steady Shot

Weapons 65
Longbow 5 1d8 19-20 40×6ft (AP2, massive, giant, cavalry)
Halberd +4 1d12
2 19-20 (AP4, reach 1, massive, giant)
Tranple +4 1d10
2 20

Light Chainmail DR3 DP 0 ACP 0 SPD 0 WGT 50 Edge Resist 4 (lightweight, fitted, giant)

Gunnr (huge hippogriff) 65xp
Fly 100ft Walk 40ft Run 200ft Travel 11mph
Str 12 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 5 Wis 12 Cha 8
Init 3 Attack +2 Def +3 Res +2 Health +2
Acrobatics +7 Notice +6
DR 2, Charging Basics, Superior Runner I, Superior Travler I, Improved Carying Capacity
Bite I +2 1d2
2 18-20
Kick I 2 1d102 20
Light Chainmail Barding DR3 DP 0 ACP 0 SPD 0 WGT 75 Edge Resist 2 (lighweight, fitted)

Hildr (huge griffon) 66xp
Fly 80ft Walk 30ft Run 120ft Travel 8mph
Str 14 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 5 Wis 10 Cha 6
Init 3 Attack +3 Def +3 Resil +2 Health +3
Acrobatics +5 Notice +3 (
4 vision)
Charging Basics, Improved Sight, Rend, Tough I
Bite I 3 1d122 18-20 (bleed, keen 4)
Talon II 3 1d02 19-20
Light Chainmail Barding DR3 DP 0 ACP 0 SPD 0 WGT 75 Edge Resist 2 (lighweight, fitted)


Born from wedlock between the Chieftan of the Æsir’s son and the Druids Apprentice in the far northern mountian range of Kynar. Jotunn showed an immediate affinity to animals at a young age when he snuck out to the Eyrie of Thor home of the majestic hippgriffs and griffons. An unblooded member of the tribe would be lucky to garner the attention of one of the creatures, Jotunn however was discovered playing with the creatures young and climbing over the protective mothers. From that day forth whenever Jotunn had spare time he spent it the Eyrie, his love for the creatures matched only by his love for his parents. Upon Jotunn’s blooding, a ritual in which a member of the Æsir and a creature from the Eyrie and blood bonded, he was bonded with not one but two creatures, a tiger bred griffon and a mustang bred hippogriff, two fo the most beautiful and restless of their kinds. The following 7 years were spent training in combat, survival, animal medicine, and breeding. Once his training was complete Jotunn began his Liv Styrker, a time in which a young Æsir and his blooded companion leave the tribe to expand their knowledge of animals, breeding, medicine, and the world outside of the Kynar.

Jotunn of the Æsir

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