Initiate Jason Sand

A mysterious magic user, the imposing Sand's goals are unknown to the people of Lake Dilreen.


+4 Disposition with Selthan
-10 The 1st Tribe
-5 Mudclaws
-4 Sal Fishman
+4 Mrs. McCracken
+2 Wilson Tanner
+2 Brix-shii
+2 Yetsle Alfrere
-50 Sagava Robe

+2 with all citizens of Lake Dilreen

Str 10
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 18
Wis 21
Cha 17

Bluff 9
Crafting 10
Wood Carving
Impress 12
Intimidate 11
Resolve 6
Ride 4
Sense Motive 11

Reaper Magic
Channel Magic
Logic Games
Marred Society

Feats and Abilities:
Double Boost Wisdom
Free Hint
Paired Skills Intimidate-Spellcraft
Terrifying Look
Menacing Threat
Thick Hide
Glint of Madness
Spell Library
Arcane Adept
Subtle and Quick to Anger
Arcane Might

Initiative 2
Defense 11
Vitality 18
Wounds 10
Speed 30ft
Jagged Sword +2 1d8 threat 20 (AP4 Calvary Elven)

Will 9
Fort 1
Ref 1

Feather Fall
Water Walk
Polar Ray I
Magic Missle
Command I
Unseen Servent
Conjure Elemental
Color Spray
Call From Beyond

Possessions of Note:
The Seahawk
Fast, Agile, Sail-Borne Catamaran
The Mask of Dread
Lesser Essence: Dread


Jason Sand was once apprenticed to the Marquis of Delaque near the city of Bold. The Marquis bought young Jason from an orphanage in Bold and took him to his holding to train as his aide. The Marquis while not particularly strong in the arcane arts knew enough to elevate his status amongst the local nobles and thought a second student of the arcane would raise his status even further. Young Jason showed more promise than the Marquis first imagined and soon proved to be the Marquis’ equal in skill. This frightened the Marquis and he quickly devised a plot to kill the lad before he could attempt to usurp him as the lord of his holding. The Marquis contacted the thiefing guild in the desire to hire them to do the dirty work and keep his hands clean. They however refused, stating they were not assassins but highly trained and honest thieves. So the Marquis was forced to turn to more ruthless means. On one of his numerous trips to the city he covertly visited one of the darker markets. Upon his return he handed a scroll to Jason and ordered him to master the summoning of the creature detailed in the spell in order to aide in the protection of the Marquis. Jason was sent to the library where he was locked in with the understanding that he could leave only after the creature was fully under his control. So Jason tried for 3 days with no sleep and little food, to summon the creature. On the dawn of the fourth day Jason ripped open the fabric of space releasing creatures of unknown power and origins which poured forth from beyond the rip.

Sometime later a Bold scouting patrol spying smoke on the horizon rushed to the top of the nearest hill only to find below them the complete destruction of the Marquis’ Manor. Crawling amongst the ruins of the building were a few creatures who desired to stay in the mortal realm. The patrol quickly returned to Bold with their report and the Bold Homeland Defense Army was mobilized to deal with this threat. Surrounding the ruined manor they began a week long siege of the ruins and its unwanted inhabitants. With a high loss of their own men the army finally cleansed the area of the infestation only to discover the bodies of the Marquis’ numerous servants. Amongst them was a half eaten male, suspected to be the Marquis, and a horribly scarred and mutilated survivor. This sole survivor, who was assumed to be Jason, was taken to the Temple of the 7th Dawn to recover.

Upon awakening in unfamiliar surroundings in the dead of night and with no memory of the last five years of his life, the survivor identified as Jason fled. Though horribly weakened and still injured Jason managed to use his wit and arcane skills to acquire clothes, supplies, and a harlequin mask. While searching for an explanation of what happened to him he was accosted by guards who attempted to arrest him for the murder of the Marquis. Resisting he unleashed the arcane power that had lain dormant in him. During the struggle he slew the guards and fled the city on the first boat he came to.

Initiate Jason Sand

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