The Song of the North

With Terrorists

Jason Sand and company go after Cian duVan

Back in town, Jason Sand has finally returned from studying with the mystical Marex tribe. Several days have passed, during which the go-mar shaman Net’upsur has been working for the Marshals of Lake Dilreen. Several newcomers have arrived as well. Jotunn, a giant from a the AEsir tribe, and a merchant named Lawrence.

Lawrence sees about finding some steady work in town, and one of the guards leads him to Tef’s smith. The town’s construction boom has left him with several dozen projects to finish quickly, so he sets the newcomer to re-fitting the fleet of fishing ships with new pulleys, caps, and other small metal work.

Jotunn’s exotic pets, a griffin and a Hippogriff, are causing quite a stir in town. The guards ask the Mek-mar to stable them somewhere outside of town. Jotunn takes them to a wooded area with plenty of room to hunt and fly. In town, later, he is approached by Tok, who wants to learn more about the gentle giant over a jar of Honey’s honey.

Disaster strikes the town. As Lawrence is delivering a shipment of recently completed work, he discovers Tef Eastenbarrow laying on the floor of his smith. The workshop’s been ransacked and Tef’s had both of his legs broken. Lawrence summons help and the guards carefully cart the dwarf down to Kelzac’s hut to get the poor digger some magical healing. A crowd soon forms outside, and their wild speculations are soon confirmed: Cian duVan is responsible for the attack. The concerned crowd quickly turns into a mob, with some rushing back to the adventurer’s camp to arm themselves. Wilson Tanner and Grath manage to dispatch the Scale Marines to the mountain trail entrance of Eastenbarrow. Recalling the hefty bounty on the rogue digger’s head, Jason quickly assembles a motley crew to capture duVan and reclaim the Truceblade.

Net’up sur, the toothfish shaman, has been working with the marshals to map the area north of the town. While returning with his delicately scrawled papyrus map, his go-mar instincts kick in and he hides in a near by bush. A band of digger bandits soon passes by, and sensing something isn’t right, they flee. The leader tells them to “run around south again to throw them off, we’ll meet north at the pass!” Jotunn is also near by, and discovers a crossbow bolt stuck into the wing of his hippogriff. The giant is very upset, and stomps back toward town intent on finding the would-be poacher of his beloved pet.

Near the inn, Jason is quickly assembling his bounty hunting party. Remembering Net’up sur’s skill during the battle of the blockade, he invites the go-mar and quickly learns the possible ruse the diggers used to throw off their pursuers. Tok convinces Jotunn that the crossbow quarrel must’ve come from one of the dwarves, and Lawrence, feeling a responsibility to return the sword, demands to come as well.

With Jotunn’s flying mounts, they’re able to cover the distance to the north mountain pass in mere hours. A storm is blowing across the north face of the modest mountain that houses the back entrance to the Eastenbarrow mine. Its only during the flash of a lightning strike that the bountyhunting party is able to see diggers at the door to the mine. Our heroes land farther down the slope and carefully treck up the muddy path to attack the Hildenbarrows from behind. Jason Sand, however, drops from the hippogriff’s back to engage duVan’s men at point-blank. The masked mage is quickly subdued by angry diggers as his companions slip and slide their way to the top. Jotunn’s aim is hampered by the storm, but his shots draw the crossbowmen’s aim to him and away from his companions. The terrorists release a small boulder to roll down and crush their pursuers, which Tok and Net’up Sur neatly dodge. The tide turns once Jason’s mesmerizing enchantment forces Cian duVan down the hidden ladder.

Seeing how badly the battle is going, duVan decides to take the opportunity given to him and flee, only to be confronted by Lawrence. Lawrence distracts the rogue long enough for the others to catch up and surround him. They disarm duVan and Jotunn scoops him up in his meaty hands, whisking him back to the town to answer for his crimes.

Rewards for this session:

Jotunn, Tok, Net’up Sur, Lawrence, and Jason each receive 483xp

Each participant gains +1 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow.

Tok gains +1 disposition with Honey of Marex

Jason gains +2 disposition with Jem Jezzeret, -10 disposition with Wilson Tanner.

Jotunn gains +1 disposition with Honey of Marex.

Net’up Sur gains +2 disposition with Marshal Sal Fishman.


9 dried packs of tea.
8 silver worth of iron ingots



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