The Song of the North

The Next Wave

Several newcomers arrive in Lake Dilreen

With the Mudclaws and their 1st tribe allies in retreat, the River Down has been opened to traffic again. The narrow section of the river leading to the strait of Lake Dilreen has seen steady boat traffic. Several dozen newcomers have arrived in town, and with the forming of an official Town Council and the recent deal between the Digger clans, the Lake Dilreen has begun a massive overhaul to accommodate a larger population.

After a nonth, the Inn, pier, roads, and homes within the town have undergone renovations. Seeing the growing prosperity in the town, Jason Sand has decided that taking on an apprentice would be a worthwhile use of his time. Out of all the townsfolk, the only one that appears to have a glimmer of magical talent is Yetsle Alfere, the apprentice tanner to Wilson. Wilson is the councilman in charge of the town guard, and he’s reluctant to give up his apprentice while the guards need so much equipment. He asks Jason to have a word with Sal about his “bounty hunting” excursions before going back to his conversation with Memmnot.

Tock makes his triumphant return again shopping for T’ch Dil. Surly Thoren Hyde is unable to provide the chil’d with spices, as Kossick Xenotar has purchased them all to make feasts for a wealthy merchant that’s just arrived in town. Tok decides to have a word with the merchant at the inn.

There, Liam Croix wines and dines his guests, Memmnot and his his wife. The crafty halfling takes the opportunity to rifle through the merchant’s pockets before striking up a conversation. Master Croix wants to build a home on a lovely cape he saw while sailing toward town, but the council won’t allow him to purchase the services of a work crew to build it. Tok believes he can help get Liam some labor at the next council meeting.

Marcus Kelroc finally helped Tef finish his wondrous sword. The rumors of someone inquiring about overglassers. He asks around, and finally confront Ki, one of The Fair that have recently come to the lake. She says that she hasn’t said anything, but that she saw Marcus and her husband on the road later. The encounter leaves Marcus thoroughly bewildered, but he sets off down the road. There, he meets the duly appointed marshal Sal and his right-hand-uruk Nik carrying a captive digger they believe to be the notorious Cian duVan. Marcus talks to the digger and tries to convince the pair that the hapless vandal is merely one of duVan’s lackies, when the man responsible for the Hildenbarrow’s capture saunters up the road. The Fair archer Hion helped thwart the digger’s attempt to unbind lumber at a now Eastenbarrow owned logging site. He invites Marcus to drink with him in, cryptically saying that they’ll have “only three drinks.” Halfway back to town, Jason arrives and reminds Marshal Fishman of his duties, asking him to bring the digger before the council.

As Elsa Dil’s cousin and her delightful children continue entertaining the inn, Marcus watches Hion down several glasses of wine. He’s dogged in his questioning, trying everything he can think of to get Hion to spill the beans. Finally giving up, his attention drifts off to the conversation between Liam Croix and his two dinner companions. Memmnot’s insults about the town catch the overglasser’s ire, and after a brief exchange, Liam reveals he knows where Marcus is from. He then commands Hion to throw Marcus out. Ki arrives and lashes into a bemused Marcus with her rapier wit, but to no avail. He and Liam agree to have a discussion, rather than resort to violence. Marcus discovers that Liam is escaping from “Tax Men.” Overglassers that exact tribute from their Midglass subjects. The merchant hoped to escape the reach of the overglassers in Lake Dilreen, hiring the services of a pair of Fair bodyguards.

Elswhere, Grath Fletcher flies north in search of the Black Scale Flight. Far past the shores of the lake and deep into the rugged mountains, Grath finds a group of armored draken feasting upon a slain party of marred warriors. Skulking in darkness, he finds that the draken are nightblind as he calls out to them from the bushes. Their curiosity piqued, they cautiously invite Grath to share in their kill, and to fly north to join their organization. They mention "The Great One, a massive draken who demands absolute submission from the members of the flight.

Near the source of the River Down, the four Draken land and resupply. Their first task is to have Grath inscribe his name on a large, red stone rock. The stone sits beneath a craggy overhang, and is scarred with the names of scores of Draken, the loyal army of the great one. A few quick claw marks seals the pact, and Grath’s mind is transported to a far away realm. Before he truly regains consciousness, he is in flight to the west, searching for Dragon and the rest of his- “their” army.

In a forest across the western bank of the river, the horizon burns the deep orange of an long burning flame. The Great One’s multitudes revel in the flame. Discarding their black armor among the cinders, their dance is at once a triumphant stomp, and a roaring tantrum of rage. Losing his companions in the crowd, Grath walks to the center of the blaze to meet Dragon. At the top of a pile of burning trees, the huge draken spews fire miles into the sky. Seeming angered that one dare interrupt, he snatches one of his minions, killing him to demonstrate his strength. When Grath refused to be cowed, Dragon disappeared to the far side of the burning mountain of logs, inviting the smaller draken to council.

After speaking, the great one’s anger returned, and he expelled Grath from the gathering. The flight back to Dilreen took days, and by the time he had only one day to rest before the town council meeting.

At the meeting, two issues are of paramount importance. The first is the matter of the digger work crews. Tok and Marcus both make a case for freeing up a smaller crew to work on building Liam Croix’s home. Thoren Hyde argues against them, but the council votes in their favor. Lord Brandywine then makes his case for his membership on the council, citing his nobility.

Marcus thinks that’s bullshit, and ends up challenging him to a duel. In the middle of the night, Jason Sand ferries the ever industrious Tok down river to engage in a daring solo raid of the lord’s camp. He sneaks past the fortifications and over to the horse tie where he attempts to “liberate” what is most likely Brandywine’s personal steed. The horse is fastened firmly and drags the tie and some of the other horses a few feet before snapping free. One of Brandywine’s knights is awakened, and fires arrows at Tok to no avail. Just when the Chil’d sneak thinks he’s home free, a shrill whistle stops the horse dead in its tracks. He’s only able to pilfer a necklace from the saddle bag before fleeing into the night.

The next morning a groggy Jason and Tok join Grath and Marilyn in supporting Marcus at his duel just outside the town’s fence. Brandywine shows up with a retinue of knights. At the first charge, the rogue horselord pierces Kelroc’s armor with the tip of his lance. Marcus, in a cunning ploy, drops his lance and quickly draws his loaded Musketoon, shooting Brandywine clean through. The lord and his knights retreat, but one is killed as he furiously attacks the adventurers. Jason’s conjured servitor also kills one of the mounted archers.

It appears as though Lord Brandywine won’t be joining the council, but they’re still in need of a 13th member.

Rewards from this session:

Each player receives 5+legend reputation.

Each player receives 136 XP

1 wax sealing kit from Bram

10 silver coins

76 silver coins

1 pouch full of cooking spices

Tok and Jason receive a “mysterious magical necklace”

Each player receives -5 disposition with Lord Brandywine and his Knights.

Marcus Kelroc receives +1 disposition with Liam Croix, +1 disposition with Wharfmaster Doddin, -2 disposition with Memmnot, -1 Disposition with Hion and Ki, -1 Disposition with Thoren Hyde.

Tok receives +2 disposition with Liam Croix, +1 disposition with Wharfmaster Doddin, -1 Disposition with Ivylace Memmnot, -1 Disposition with Thoren Hyde.

Jason Sand receives +2 disposition with Yetsle Alfrere, +1 Disposition with Wilson Tanner, +1 Disposition with Sal Fishman, -50 Disposition with Sagava Robe.


Claim the spices for Kossick

The Next Wave

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