The Song of the North

The Final Battle (as told by Jason Sand)

Jason Sand looked around at his “allies” and knows that more than likely they would not all walk away alive today, his gaze then turns towards the arrayed forces of the Black Dragon flight and their oath sworn marred/ standing, and hovering, on the far side of the open field. Nightshade the Dark-Fair pulls his two stilettos from hidden sheaths and cracks a vial of brackish liquid over them. Tok, a small child, uncurls the cord from his javelin and slips off to find higher ground. Gurok’thar, a monstrous cross of bull and man, pulls his sickle sword and shield from the armory upon his back and grunts in eager anticipation. Olympia, the human female, smiles sadly with the knowledge of upcoming death as she pulls her long knife from her boot sheath. Netup’sar, a small Go’mar, lets free a stream of unintelligible words as his jagged blade is engulfed in flame. Marcus, another human, readies his massive blunderbuss and looks in concern to the two Draken at his side. Grath nods toward Marcus before he and Marilyn rise into the air, as the sounds of Draken war cries echo across the battlefield and the oncoming horde picks up speed.
The forces of The Black Dragon Flight and the combined forces of the heroes of Lake Dilreen slam into each other as a wave upon the rocks. Jason utters a near silent word of arcane power as a door of shimmering archway appears in the air beside him, stepping inside he emerges on the far side of the battlefield and waves his hands in complex gestures and speaks again in the tongue of the mage before an armored Draken swooping down upon Marilyn bursts into flames and tumbles from the sky. A pack of Go’mar noticing the mages sudden appearance turn to quickly close the distance before a wave of Jason’s hand sends a missile of energy into each one leaving a gapping hole in their chests. The breath is knocked out of Jason’s lungs as a Mech’mar taking advantage of the mages temporary distraction to slam his tree trunk into him. Jason turns, gasping for breath lights flashing across his vision, he sees the Mech’mar swing down towards his head and knowing this will be his final moment, closes his eyes. The expected blow however never comes, as his eyes open and he is showered in blood as the Mech’mar’s arm falls severed by Gurok’thars sickle sword, before the bull-man plunges the blade straight through eye of the wounded marred before turning to the prone mage and lifts the man to his feet with a single hand before charging into a phalanx of Uruk headed their way. Jason standing unsteady on his feet turns to survey the battle as he regains his breath. Things look uncertain for either side as black Draken swoop down and grasp Marex and River folk in their claws before citing into them or using them as living projectile upon their comrades, the two Draken allies of the lake grasp the wings a familiar looking blue Draken wearing new and polished armor of The Black Dragon Flight and pull in opposite directions severing the wings of the Draken who shoots lightning from its mouth as it falls to the ground and is immediately engulfed in flame as Netup’sar scrambles over the fallen drake. On the other side of the field the near twin forms, at least in style, of Olympia and Nightshade dance amongst the hordes of Marred leaving bodies behind them with minimal but well placed slices of their blades. Marcus unloads his blunderbuss into a Ho-Mar prematurely ending its arcane ramblings as Tok begins to climb hand over hand up the cord to his harpoon embedded in the flank of a flying Draken. Far in the distance across the field a walking tree and a figure of water riding upon a mount also composed entirely of water arrive with the champions of Bold and Bram surging past them to join the wild melee. With his wind recovered Jason turns to more pressing matters as three Ho-mar look up and turn their focus to the green Draken paladin and his wife passing over head. With a smirk Jason waits for the Ho-mar to begin their collective chants calling forth winds and lighting to smite the couple and with a wave of his hand and a single word rips the arcane power from their grasps and laughs to himself as it washes over the trio leaving nothing but a strange stench in the air to mark the grave. “Jason, far side, Cian duVan and his commandos” the sound of the Dark-Faired’s voice echoes in his mind. Turing a glance in that direction Jason does indeed see the Digger Bandit-Lord and his followers sneaking into position behind the human archers from the lakeside town. With another wave of his hand and yet another phrase of power a identical arch of light as before appears beside the sorcerer who again steps through and emerges behind the Bandit-Lord and quick fires a spell under the commandos near by. The Diggers panic as their feet begin to sink into the liquid sand that appeared below them , their screams quickly become muffled as the earth slowly silences them forever. Cian tosses a bemused glance towards the sandpit the appeared to swallow his soldiers. “A small price to pay for finally slaying you Sand.” Jason turns his eyes to the sky above, and offhandedly returns words to the Digger, “You may have escaped our conflict at the mansion duVan but you stand no chance this time.” Jason turns his back on the Bandit-Lord and begins to walk away. “Do not turn your back on me Sand I will..” The Digger’s words are swallowed as a Draken of the Black Dragon Flight crushes duVan. Jason turns back around as a childlike voice is directed towards him, “I have waited far too long to silence that wannabe thief, and a Draken is hard enough to fly when they are alive, they don’t glide well once their throats are cut.” Tok emerges laughing from the ruined Draken and the flattened Digger pulling a bloody harpoon behind him. “ I know Tok, I know.” The tides of battle seem to have finally turned in the heroic army of the River Folk, with the arrival of the armies of Bram and Bold, the battle seems to becoming a route as the Marred begin to flee the field. Jason adjusts his mask and starts to quit the field himself leaving the clean up to the citizens, a roar shakes the very earth beneath the mage stopping him in his tracks. Jason turns slowly toward the origin of the demonic roar as Tok, for the first time ever nearly silent whispers “For the love of coin, we are all dead.” A massive winged beast the size of five Draken blocks the sun and shadow falls over the field. Upon the arrival of their deity The Dragon, the fleeing Marred turn back to the forces of man and rush again into combat with renewed vigor and unmatched force. The soldiers of Bram and Bold turn their eyes skyward and throw their weapons to the ground fleeing as fast as they can. Grath and Marilyn dive toward the new arrival flames pouring from their maws. An evil laughter washes over the battle as the two Draken are thrown aside by The Dragon. The unholy creature lands in the middle of the field crushing enemies and allies alike in complete disregard to the lives around him. Jason begins to sprint towards the beast, Tok in hot on his heels. Olympia and Nightshade dash towards the creature as Netup’sar and Gurok’thar close the distance between themselves and the Unholy Deity. Marcus rushes to Grath’s side as the Draken assists his wife to her feet. The heroes of the Lake Dilreen stand arrayed before the evil beast that has lead this blight of Marred down from the north in an attempt to enslave all humanity. Jason runs his eyes over his companions before settling upon The Dragon. “Grath, Nightshade, Netup’sar, I need your power, focus it upon me, Olympia, Gurok, Marilyn, Tok, and Marcus, focus your fire upon its head, but keep your distance. This. Ends. NOW!” Jason Sand dashes straight towards the heart of the evil creature before them throwing missile after missile of arcane power at the beast. Grath calls forth the divine power in his heart to strengthen Jason’s resolve as Netup’sar sets the mage alight in flames that burn all but Jason and Nightshade begins to chant and weave his hands in arcane gestures pouring his untapped arcane wellspring into the onrushing mage. A boom erupts from Marcus’ hands as his blunderbuss launches its deadly spray across the eyes of The Dragon, as Olympia throws knife after knife after knife into the nose of the creature, Gurok throws his remaining javelins into the beast before pulling forth his massive crossbow to continue the onslaught, and Tok flings his harpoons into the evil beings snout before slamming his boomerang against its hide as well. Sand crashes into the breast of Dragon and with both the divine power lent to him from Netup’sar and Grath and the extended arcane forces being channeled from Nightshade, unleashes all remaining reserves of power being held inside his mind. A sudden force of wind whirls around the beast and the mage as the ground around the two erupts from the combined force of the wind and arcane power surging froth from the mage. The Heroes of Lake Dilreen lose sight of their companion as his from and that of The Dragon is obscured by a maelstrom of sand and earth. The force of the storm forces the companions to retreat to a safer distance. Worried glances are shared by the heroes as the ready their weapons in case the mages plan fails to slay the creature. Long minutes pass before the sand and dust clear and the wind calms, where moments before stood a creature of pure evil stood locked in conflict with Jason Sand, lay only the massive bones of The Dragon, stripped clean of flesh, muscle, and everything else., there is no sign of their companion Sand. The heroes look around at the destruction of battle and the remains of The Dragon, before turning to return to the town of Lake Dilreen. As the leave the field a strange wind blows across the companions and Nightshade turns an inquisitive eye toward the remains of The Dragon as something seems not quite right before following after his allies.

Jason watches from behind the shield of invisibility provided by his mask as his allies leave, knowing they believe him to be dead. The mage turns and walks towards the horizon in the opposite direction of his former allies.

After nonths of travel Jason Sand arrives upon the far side of the world from Lake Dilreen. Weeks of searching have led Sand to a secluded valley hidden in these unknown mountains, the entrance to his new lair is hidden by a waterfall. Jason begins to summon his companions from beyond the mortal veil, within moments a horde of invisible servants stand waiting for his command which he silently gives. The mass of unseen slaves begin their grueling work to create a tower in which Jason may continue his research in peace. Jason watches as his minions begin to cut stone from the walls of the nearby cliffs before turning to his spell books and the other instruments of his trade he managed to retrieve from his former residence. His path to immortality has just begun.



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