The Song of the North

Sagava's Folly

A mysterious newcomer witnesses a violent dockside attack

The town’s commerce continues at a brisk pace around the small meeting pit. There, the council debates about what ought to be done with Cian duVan. Jason & Tok are there, as well as representatives from Eastenbarrow and the injured Tef. As they argue, a strange new fair comes offers to solve their problem for them by killing duVan. This sets off a fresh uproar, which Doddin eventually quells by delaying any judgement until Tef is fit to face his attacker.

Throught the morning, the dusky elf continues to observe Jason & Tok. When spotted, he makes a run for it, but Tok catches up to him at the docks. As a crowd of dock workers heads back to work after listening to one of the Scale Marines recount the tale of their battle at Eastenbarrow. Jason finally catches up to the pair, but one of the dock workers sticks a dagger in his gut!

Fighting through the pain, Jason, Tok, and the mysterious new comer fight off a pair of assassins looking to collect the bounty on Jason’s head. Tussling with the larger of the pair, the Dark Fair finally plants a stiletto in his back. Jason, spell weaving even as his strength wanes, keeps control of the other until Tok lands a sickening shot through the man’s throat with his harpoon.

On the deck of a nearby ship, Sagava Robe emerges and fires a salvo of arrows at the trio. The dark fair flees as the arrows slam into Jason Sand with little effect. The remaining pair might’ve had some trouble with the archer-knight if Jotunn had not spied the trouble from atop his mighty Griffin. Harried by Jason’s spells and forced to take cover, the Horselord never saw the mek’s giant arrow streaking towards him. With a thunderous “Bang!” the arrow slams through Sagava’s leg with enough force to slip his ship from its mooring.

Cursing all the way, Sagava commands the peasants aboard the ship to row a retreat.

Rewards from this Session

Each participant recieved 318 XP, except Jotunn, who receives half.

Nightshade has gained +1 disposition with the Eastenbarrow Mining Company

Jason Sand has gained -50 disposition with Sagava Robe

Tok has gained -20 disposition with Sagava Robe.



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