The Song of the North

Marexecutive Decision

Tragedy and Triumph in the northern mountains

The town’s progress continues at a brisk pace. It has been three days since Lord Brandywine and his men were defeated by Marcus and his allies. In that time, Grath has begun working with the town marshals to expand the territory of the town, flying low over forests and helping map the woods leading to the foothills.

Marcus takes his time to attempt his first try at gunpowder in the Midglass, with mixed results.

Jason attempts to gain some solitude in which to study scrolls, but Mrs. McCracken’s farm has an unwelcome guest: one of Lord Brandywine’s men. He scares the watchman off, for now.

Tok has occupied himself taking care of T’ch Dil. His attention eventually strays to the theft of Mrs. Doddin’s new necklace, which he and Grath investigate to no avail.

It is the evening of the town feast. An event to celebrate the progress the town has made after a nonth of trade and building. Charles Kitchen is the hero of the evening, having found the filthy filcher of Mrs Doddin’s necklace.

Marcus sits down and tries to pursuade Liam Croix to move the site of his new manor, but the merchant insists Marcus find a way for it to work. The overglasser speaks with Honey of Marex, who suggests he seek council with the Marex- A tribe of mystics hidden in the northern mountain valley.

Jason makes a plea to both Selthan and Wilson Tanner to do something about Lord Brandywine’s men encroaching upon Dilreen’s southern shores. The Tanner-turned-Guard captain agrees that something ought to be done soon, but Selthan is less concerned.

The next day, Jason is greeted by Tok. The sneaktheif has procured several scrolls of dubious make. Jason examines them briefly, before leaving Tok to create quick forgeries. The magic user has been asked by Marcus to serve as an interpreter in today’s errand, and cannot be delayed.

Marilyn, feeling somewhat less ill, believes that she and Grath ought to go for a stroll through the mountains as well. The quintet sets off into the north again, but it is only hours into their journey that the sky grows dark. The sun has been eclipsed, an somewhere a tribute goes unpaid. The unnatural darkness stymies all attempts at navigation within the narrow mountain passes north of the lake, and our heroes become lost in the thick fog of a forested valley.

It is there that an unfamiliar voice speaks to them, beckoning them away. They become separated in the fog, and Grath finds himself at the edge of a small stream, fighting for his life as go-mar and nightmarish plant monsters leap from the bush.

Hearing the cries of her mate, Marilyn charges off into the mist as well, leaving Jason and Marcus to find their way. Some how Marcus arrives to the draken’s aid first, shooting the apparent leader of the enemy forces in the back. Go-mar rush to the fallen mystic’s aid with unusual skill, forming formations and administering medical attention.

Marilyn makes her arrival in a blazing inferno, spewing flame onto the plant monsters and go-mar. The mystic regains consciousness just in time to flee with a spell of tree-walking, leaving his goblins to perish. A few stubborn plant monsters hang on, and marcus and his steed Barthalamue are dragged into the stream. Fighting for dear life, the monsters manage to choke the life out of the horse before being rent asunder.

Jason, having uncovered the enemy mage’s position, orders a summoned minion to attack. When the ho-mar shaman calls for parlay with his final breath, Jason administers aid and whisks him away on the back of a conjured elemental to a cave where he can recover.

Bereft of his stalwart companion, Marcus leads a silent march of rage toward the marred camp. The trail leading through the valley takes them to the edge of an unusually neat and tidy collection of huts near a large cave opening. The marred there are defensive, but don’t attack; instead locking the draken and their man inside a cage. One particularly lazy giant says he’s willing to help the three escape in the morning.

Meanwhile, Jason nurses the Ho-mar back to health. He is Brix-shii, one of the leaders of the Marex. Apparently, Grath’s ties to the Black Scale Flight made him believe the travelers were a threat. Understanding their true purpose, he asks Jason for their help in rescuing his son from the First Tribe and The Voice. He and Jason return to Marex just in time to help the others convince Orim, the or-mar leader of the Marex, that the travelers aren’t dangerous.

Marcus’s questions about the Toothfish burial ground at Liam’s proposed manor aren’t exactly answered by the stoic ogre, but he implies that the Toothfish may accept trade. Marcus and the Draken leave Jason behind to learn more about the Marex.

While they’ve been gone, the no great chaos has befallen the town, even during the period of darkness. The thief accused of stealing Mrs. Doddin’s has escaped at some point during the evening.

Rewards for this session:

XP and loot have already been divided, but

Tok gains +5 disposition with Goobshkahn, +1 disposition with Mrs. Doddin

Jason gains +1 disposition with Wilson Tanner, +2 disposition Brix-shii of Marex

Marcus gains +5 disposition with Honey of Marex.

Grath gains +2 disposition with Marshal Sal Fishman.



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