The Song of the North

The Final Battle (as told by Jason Sand)

Jason Sand looked around at his “allies” and knows that more than likely they would not all walk away alive today, his gaze then turns towards the arrayed forces of the Black Dragon flight and their oath sworn marred/ standing, and hovering, on the far side of the open field. Nightshade the Dark-Fair pulls his two stilettos from hidden sheaths and cracks a vial of brackish liquid over them. Tok, a small child, uncurls the cord from his javelin and slips off to find higher ground. Gurok’thar, a monstrous cross of bull and man, pulls his sickle sword and shield from the armory upon his back and grunts in eager anticipation. Olympia, the human female, smiles sadly with the knowledge of upcoming death as she pulls her long knife from her boot sheath. Netup’sar, a small Go’mar, lets free a stream of unintelligible words as his jagged blade is engulfed in flame. Marcus, another human, readies his massive blunderbuss and looks in concern to the two Draken at his side. Grath nods toward Marcus before he and Marilyn rise into the air, as the sounds of Draken war cries echo across the battlefield and the oncoming horde picks up speed.
The forces of The Black Dragon Flight and the combined forces of the heroes of Lake Dilreen slam into each other as a wave upon the rocks. Jason utters a near silent word of arcane power as a door of shimmering archway appears in the air beside him, stepping inside he emerges on the far side of the battlefield and waves his hands in complex gestures and speaks again in the tongue of the mage before an armored Draken swooping down upon Marilyn bursts into flames and tumbles from the sky. A pack of Go’mar noticing the mages sudden appearance turn to quickly close the distance before a wave of Jason’s hand sends a missile of energy into each one leaving a gapping hole in their chests. The breath is knocked out of Jason’s lungs as a Mech’mar taking advantage of the mages temporary distraction to slam his tree trunk into him. Jason turns, gasping for breath lights flashing across his vision, he sees the Mech’mar swing down towards his head and knowing this will be his final moment, closes his eyes. The expected blow however never comes, as his eyes open and he is showered in blood as the Mech’mar’s arm falls severed by Gurok’thars sickle sword, before the bull-man plunges the blade straight through eye of the wounded marred before turning to the prone mage and lifts the man to his feet with a single hand before charging into a phalanx of Uruk headed their way. Jason standing unsteady on his feet turns to survey the battle as he regains his breath. Things look uncertain for either side as black Draken swoop down and grasp Marex and River folk in their claws before citing into them or using them as living projectile upon their comrades, the two Draken allies of the lake grasp the wings a familiar looking blue Draken wearing new and polished armor of The Black Dragon Flight and pull in opposite directions severing the wings of the Draken who shoots lightning from its mouth as it falls to the ground and is immediately engulfed in flame as Netup’sar scrambles over the fallen drake. On the other side of the field the near twin forms, at least in style, of Olympia and Nightshade dance amongst the hordes of Marred leaving bodies behind them with minimal but well placed slices of their blades. Marcus unloads his blunderbuss into a Ho-Mar prematurely ending its arcane ramblings as Tok begins to climb hand over hand up the cord to his harpoon embedded in the flank of a flying Draken. Far in the distance across the field a walking tree and a figure of water riding upon a mount also composed entirely of water arrive with the champions of Bold and Bram surging past them to join the wild melee. With his wind recovered Jason turns to more pressing matters as three Ho-mar look up and turn their focus to the green Draken paladin and his wife passing over head. With a smirk Jason waits for the Ho-mar to begin their collective chants calling forth winds and lighting to smite the couple and with a wave of his hand and a single word rips the arcane power from their grasps and laughs to himself as it washes over the trio leaving nothing but a strange stench in the air to mark the grave. “Jason, far side, Cian duVan and his commandos” the sound of the Dark-Faired’s voice echoes in his mind. Turing a glance in that direction Jason does indeed see the Digger Bandit-Lord and his followers sneaking into position behind the human archers from the lakeside town. With another wave of his hand and yet another phrase of power a identical arch of light as before appears beside the sorcerer who again steps through and emerges behind the Bandit-Lord and quick fires a spell under the commandos near by. The Diggers panic as their feet begin to sink into the liquid sand that appeared below them , their screams quickly become muffled as the earth slowly silences them forever. Cian tosses a bemused glance towards the sandpit the appeared to swallow his soldiers. “A small price to pay for finally slaying you Sand.” Jason turns his eyes to the sky above, and offhandedly returns words to the Digger, “You may have escaped our conflict at the mansion duVan but you stand no chance this time.” Jason turns his back on the Bandit-Lord and begins to walk away. “Do not turn your back on me Sand I will..” The Digger’s words are swallowed as a Draken of the Black Dragon Flight crushes duVan. Jason turns back around as a childlike voice is directed towards him, “I have waited far too long to silence that wannabe thief, and a Draken is hard enough to fly when they are alive, they don’t glide well once their throats are cut.” Tok emerges laughing from the ruined Draken and the flattened Digger pulling a bloody harpoon behind him. “ I know Tok, I know.” The tides of battle seem to have finally turned in the heroic army of the River Folk, with the arrival of the armies of Bram and Bold, the battle seems to becoming a route as the Marred begin to flee the field. Jason adjusts his mask and starts to quit the field himself leaving the clean up to the citizens, a roar shakes the very earth beneath the mage stopping him in his tracks. Jason turns slowly toward the origin of the demonic roar as Tok, for the first time ever nearly silent whispers “For the love of coin, we are all dead.” A massive winged beast the size of five Draken blocks the sun and shadow falls over the field. Upon the arrival of their deity The Dragon, the fleeing Marred turn back to the forces of man and rush again into combat with renewed vigor and unmatched force. The soldiers of Bram and Bold turn their eyes skyward and throw their weapons to the ground fleeing as fast as they can. Grath and Marilyn dive toward the new arrival flames pouring from their maws. An evil laughter washes over the battle as the two Draken are thrown aside by The Dragon. The unholy creature lands in the middle of the field crushing enemies and allies alike in complete disregard to the lives around him. Jason begins to sprint towards the beast, Tok in hot on his heels. Olympia and Nightshade dash towards the creature as Netup’sar and Gurok’thar close the distance between themselves and the Unholy Deity. Marcus rushes to Grath’s side as the Draken assists his wife to her feet. The heroes of the Lake Dilreen stand arrayed before the evil beast that has lead this blight of Marred down from the north in an attempt to enslave all humanity. Jason runs his eyes over his companions before settling upon The Dragon. “Grath, Nightshade, Netup’sar, I need your power, focus it upon me, Olympia, Gurok, Marilyn, Tok, and Marcus, focus your fire upon its head, but keep your distance. This. Ends. NOW!” Jason Sand dashes straight towards the heart of the evil creature before them throwing missile after missile of arcane power at the beast. Grath calls forth the divine power in his heart to strengthen Jason’s resolve as Netup’sar sets the mage alight in flames that burn all but Jason and Nightshade begins to chant and weave his hands in arcane gestures pouring his untapped arcane wellspring into the onrushing mage. A boom erupts from Marcus’ hands as his blunderbuss launches its deadly spray across the eyes of The Dragon, as Olympia throws knife after knife after knife into the nose of the creature, Gurok throws his remaining javelins into the beast before pulling forth his massive crossbow to continue the onslaught, and Tok flings his harpoons into the evil beings snout before slamming his boomerang against its hide as well. Sand crashes into the breast of Dragon and with both the divine power lent to him from Netup’sar and Grath and the extended arcane forces being channeled from Nightshade, unleashes all remaining reserves of power being held inside his mind. A sudden force of wind whirls around the beast and the mage as the ground around the two erupts from the combined force of the wind and arcane power surging froth from the mage. The Heroes of Lake Dilreen lose sight of their companion as his from and that of The Dragon is obscured by a maelstrom of sand and earth. The force of the storm forces the companions to retreat to a safer distance. Worried glances are shared by the heroes as the ready their weapons in case the mages plan fails to slay the creature. Long minutes pass before the sand and dust clear and the wind calms, where moments before stood a creature of pure evil stood locked in conflict with Jason Sand, lay only the massive bones of The Dragon, stripped clean of flesh, muscle, and everything else., there is no sign of their companion Sand. The heroes look around at the destruction of battle and the remains of The Dragon, before turning to return to the town of Lake Dilreen. As the leave the field a strange wind blows across the companions and Nightshade turns an inquisitive eye toward the remains of The Dragon as something seems not quite right before following after his allies.

Jason watches from behind the shield of invisibility provided by his mask as his allies leave, knowing they believe him to be dead. The mage turns and walks towards the horizon in the opposite direction of his former allies.

After nonths of travel Jason Sand arrives upon the far side of the world from Lake Dilreen. Weeks of searching have led Sand to a secluded valley hidden in these unknown mountains, the entrance to his new lair is hidden by a waterfall. Jason begins to summon his companions from beyond the mortal veil, within moments a horde of invisible servants stand waiting for his command which he silently gives. The mass of unseen slaves begin their grueling work to create a tower in which Jason may continue his research in peace. Jason watches as his minions begin to cut stone from the walls of the nearby cliffs before turning to his spell books and the other instruments of his trade he managed to retrieve from his former residence. His path to immortality has just begun.

Demons Down Below
It ends here.

Gathered inside Wilson Tanner’s shop, Selthan the blue relates the harrowing tale of her time in the Eastenbarrow. She and the other raiders were flabbergasted to find that, rather

The Battle of Lake Dilreen (The Marred March Part 3)
The Marred army attacks the town.

With Lake Dilreen set firmly in their sights, the mindless army of Marred stomps their way around the old road from Mrs McCracken’s farm. In town, the council has cleared out the inn and is sweating over a crude leather map made by the Marshals. Wilson Tanner has managed to convince Wharfmaster Doddin and the others that evacuating most of the town to the lake and river will be safest. The citizens of the town and those with boats immediately set off toward the middle of the lake, far from the Marred horde. The throngs of tent town are none too happy about this plan, and many refuse to leave (Little do they know that there aren’t enough boats for their poor asses. Thoren Hyde has masterminded a plan to exploit their stoicism and turn them into human shields against the marred).

The town evacuated as thoroughly as possible before lunch, Grath, Marilyn, Gurrok, Posidina, and a few others are left with the guards to cobble together some sort of defense. Grath attempts to convince a few of the Tent-town ne’erdowells to fight. Recruiting a modest legion, they come up with a plan to divert the Marred army.

Gurrok, however, has gone south to attempt to negotiate with the marred. He demands to speak with the commander of the Marred forces. Green eyes glowing with no emotion, the Voice echos from the chests of these soldiers, beckoning Gurok to speak to the creature under its employ. Moving past a line of silent marred faces, he meets a hulking Mek-mar.

Over 12 feet tall, dressed in thick furs, the Mek-mar has the face of a ruggedly handsome human male. His rumbling voice sounds distorted, as if echoing inside of a long hallway. The Mek and Gurrok discuss the impending battle, and Gurrok spends a great deal of time convincing the behemoth that the best rocks for throwing are near the mountains. The giant, not quite sure, decides to head off and take a look. Gurrok can practically feel the eyes of the marred horde narrow on him as he heads back to town. The army stands motionless, waiting for their one-mek siege engine to return.

Meanwhile, back in town, the adventures have assembled a force of slightly more than two score. The guards, and the stalwart wanderers will take gunpowder from the absent Marcus’ stores, a cart, and other sundries, and attempt to blow up as much of the army as possible. They’ll pose as a caravan of refugees, and march right into the thicket of the waiting marred, positioning their explosives for maximum effect. Along the road south, they encounter Gurrok, who shares the tale of his encounter, further augmenting their strategy.

The motionless Marred army appears oblivious to the shrouded column of “refugees” plodding past. Grath and Marilyn circle on high, and begin the assault by laying a wreath of flames to divide the Marred forces. The warriors fight a surprisingly quick force of Go-Mar skirmishers while defending the cart. The sun obscured by smoke, meleers on both sides are forced to duck, dive and dodge as the Ho-mar wierdlings launch a salvo of spells. The noble draken love-connection cannot be stopped, claw and sword forcing these assholes to wear out their calloused feet as they make for the cover of the woods. The Uruk, lagging behind due to whatever sluggishness has beset their controlling force, advance at a constant rate toward the field of battle. Retreating Lake defenders get to their pre-defined point, and a few flaming projectiles ignite the cart. A modest explosion is made more spectacular by more gut-fire from the lovers, and the green glowing eyes of armored uglies turn a more natural brown. The brown of soiled pants! The Marred are jarred from their beguilement and flee the field. Ho-mar wizards can be seen glaring from all parts of the field as they sink back into the shadows. Thus far, the battle is won.

There is more work to be done, though. After returning to town and informing the council of their success, the remaining citizens are willing to build a barricade and attempt a defense of the town. Marilyn reports that whatever magic has compelled these marred to attack has regained control of them. This new force is smaller, but moves swiftly in formation toward the town. The hulking Mek Mar is with them, carrying a tarp full of heavy stones. Mustering the remaining resources at their disposal, they decide to employ another fire-based strategy. Using oil, they’ll burn a section of the forest to put up a smoke screen, trapping the advancing force near the town’s borders, and blocking the mek-mar’s aim. Their own forces assembled near a the last-minute fortifications, the wait in the woods for the marred to make their move. As night falls, Go-mar skirmishers move in first, and the pitch is ignited. Regrettably, few spook out of their bewitched rage, setting upon Posiadina and Gurrok with particular fury. The clearing between the acrid smoke and the marred forces is awash in green blood, as the adventurers slowly fight back the onslaught. Most of the goblins and their uruk masters are routed, and even hulking or-mar are no match for their might. The mek’s ranged assault begins, forcing our heroes to retreat beyond the giant’s range, and allow the marred to advance.

Refocusing their efforts at the barricade, the brave defenders of Dilreen hold their spear line as uruk surge forward. Thanks to the cunning tactics of their leaders, and a few inspiring displays of battle prowess, they hold their own. The lines break for a moment, allowing Grath and Posiadina to attack the Mek-mar. Ho-mar wizards chant at the feat of the behemoth, even as his throaty laughter echos through the night. Grath darts in and out, harrying the giant. Tiring of the draken’s acrobatics, the Mek makes to cut his losses and run, but not before the Ho-mar enact their incantation.

A small green orb, not unlike a gemstone, flies from their unwholesome circle and into the mouth of the Mek. The giant’s face is contorted in pain as long silvery tendrils begin to sprout from his face. The green glow of the enthralled Marred floods into his eyes, and he redoubles his efforts to swat the Drake from the sky. The Ho-mar are barely held off by Posiahdina and the others, and spells begin to fill the sky. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Grath conjures up all his resolve to burn the Mekmar alive with fire.

The results are quite staggering. Without even trying, Grath exhales a mighty blast of energy from his gullet. The blazing light burns at the Mek-mar’s skin. Blast after blast pelts the creature, and with a final filling of his lungs, the Draken blasts the Mek-Mar into oblivion! The remaining marred are so shocked by this sight, their enchantment is broken and they flee into the night. It appears as though the town is saved.

Jason and the others appear shortly after the Mek’s defeat, teleported through a tree by the badly wounded Brix-shee. Selthan and the others lead a caravan of diggers down from the mountain trails to chase after the fleeing marred. All appears well, until the magister delivers her grim news about the Eastenbarrow.

Again into the Eastenbarrow (The Marred March Part 2)

In the days before the final attack, life continues unimpeded for Marcus Kelroc. Liam Croix’s mansion will require quite a bit more work, as the foundation has sunk into the ground several feet. The Digger carpenters on site help figure out a solution, but it takes up quite a bit of time. There’s also quite a bit of work to be done around town.

Kossick’s work at the inn is also a bit hum-drum. Procuring new ingredients, putting together a care package for Tef, even cooking for Marilyn and her unborn hatchling. The most exciting thing that happens is a small fire at the inn, and the ensuing fight outside is quickly broken up by the guards.

Olympia passes the time with a bit more excitement, joining Jason Sand and others in their ambush of Sagava Robe. The very next day, while the town is engulfed in chaos as the Marred march onward, she is called in front of the town council. They want to use her past work for Jem Jezzeret to secure a save evacuation site for the people left behind. She agrees, and Selthan assists on accompanying her. Near the south-east fence, Liam Croix, Memmnot and his wife are prepared to set out. He’s bribed the Digger caravan and is preparing to wait out the storm in comfort. The increased risk of extra civilians forces Olympia to ask Marcus, Kossick and Charles Kitchen to accompany them. Their experience in their previous delve into the Eastenbarrow will be invaluable, and frankly, Kossick has little to do with his inn having been invaded by the town council.

Before they can hike all the way into the mountains, the sounds of battle ring out along the coasts of Lake Dilreen. The crowd searches the woods and roads below for the site of the clash, but Selthan shouts for them to turn around. Up ahead, a huge chasm has ripped open in the road, and small figures crawl up from the depths of the Midglass. Selthan promises to keep watch over the civilians if Marcus and the others investigate.

When they arrive at the rift in the middle of the road, they are greeted by several strange looking go-mar. Their eyes aglow with a strange green light, a staff wielding ho-mar urges them to battle as uruk amble up from the opening to reinforce. The battle is pitched, with Kossick flanked by uruk the majority of the time. Marcus lets a shot off straight at the magic using ho-mar, who shrugs the blow off with almost no injury to be seen. Olympia is swarmed by go-mar, but fights the ankle biters off to go straight for their magician. With a mighty kick, she sends the ho-mar plunging down the chasm. Charles Kitchen is battered by shield and sword, barely managing to keep the armored uruk at bay. Their wounds are many when the marred are finally all slain, but they have prevailed. Selthan and the others quickly run up, having repelled an ambush of their own. The draken wizard is most unsettled by the marred’s excellent implementation of tactics, and wishes to be behind the Eastenbarrow’s strong doors as quickly as possible.

Inside the digger’s mountain stronghold, they are not greeted by allies, but rather driven off by stubborn an fearful guards. Selthan decides she can’t be bothered to negotiate with these mole people for even a second and totally goes chompers on one of the guards! The remaining sentry is more than willing to explain the situation.

All the Hildenbarrow “employees” in Eastenbarrow have been ordered to keep outsiders out of the mountain. The Hildenbarrow themselves have been confined to the upper two levels of the complex, and wallow in a state of extreme squalor and hopelessness akin to what Marcus and the others saw on their first trip to the barrow. Some of the more cowardly of the bunch wail on about ghastly noises echoing out of the mine, and other such shit while Marcus and Olympia set to the task of cracking this mine door shut.

The quick witted adventurers are stumped by the stone door’s sturdy construction and complex locking mechanisims. The trapdoor to the side of the main opening is sealed as well, with no tool fine and strong enough to pry it up. While examining the mountain’s north face where cian duvan was captured,Selthan and Kossick have uncovered what can only be a chimney. The narrow flue no doubt leads to one of the digger’s subterranean forges. After assembling the supplies and doing a bit of poking and prodding, Marcus lowers his dog down the chimney to begin the investigation in earnest.

The dog does not return when the rope is retracted. Immediately, Selthan sends a bolt of lightning down the shaft to cook whatever has abducted the overglasser’s hound. They wait in grim silence for some time before the ever hopeful Kossick camo’s up and slides down the chimney with the grace of a dancer. The ridiculous chef-cum-commando lands atop the still warm anvil of a forge. The workshop appears to be carved straight into the rock, and fried diggers and an or-mar lay about the floor. The smoking husk of the or-mar stirs, and Kossick readies his axe to behead the marred. Before he can strike, Marcus’ faithful pup claws its way out of the behemoth’s gullet, and none the worse for wear! Huzzah!

There troubles have only just begun, though. As the rest clamber or clatter down as their builds would suggest, the draken mage, even while shapeshifted into Scale form, can sense a dark, foreboding presence lurking within the mountain. Still battered from their first encounter with the marred, the crew is none too eager to engage more of them inside the cavern, for that is what they find. The narrow cavern where our heroes first discovered the mithril is now a trachea-like chasm. On a wide ledge, a spindly tower made of mithril piping appears to be under construction. Ho-mar mages, their eyes green and aglow, their mouths stuffed with what appears to be tentacled sea-fare most foul, dance a worker’s dance about the tower. Their magic setting Selthan off on an incomprehensible tirade, the group is spotted and must fight. Olympia and Marcus both fire at the wizardly monsters on the tower as Kossick and Kitchen phalanx their shields to guard against the storm of green and gray flesh. They fight tooth and nail against the oncoming horde. The ensuing shitshow is almost more than they can handle, as Selthan is the only one doing any real damage. Barrel and blade wins the day as slowly, the marred are defeated. Go-mar cannibals surge up from the chasm, and Olympia leaps from the shadows to cut them off. Kossick and Charles score a major win against an or-mar. The points of their weapons pierce its fatty hide for the last time, and uruk promptly take its place. Even after throwing Charles down to the ledge, our heroes cannot be stopped. Thunderballing to victory, Selthan expends the last of her spells and turns back into a majestic draken. She flies to the chasm, only to be turned back by the malevolent presence within.

Black as a blind man’s sleep and taller than a ship’s mast, a humanoid silently rises from the cavern. Is torso is heavily muscled, but at the waist it appears to be attached to a large silver dais, with half a dozen spindly legs supporting it. Perhaps most imposing is the creature’s massive curved horns. Eyes twinkling like twin-terrible stars, the creature stoops to address the frightened heroes. The creature discusses its plans for the mithril tower, and how everything was supposed to be a big secret and shit. Nobody’s really paying attention, especially after the thing zapped Marcus’ mouth shut. This guy’s just too weird and terrible to carry on a normal conversation, even an evil one. Eventually, he sends them away and tries to spook them all by warning them not to return or he’ll kill everyone.

They grab as many of the Eastenbarrows as they can find, whisking the cowering diggers to the relative safety of the upper mines. Jem Jezzeret, as huffy and cowardly as ever, is pressed to come up with a plausible reason to disagree with the group’s plan to head back to town. An army of marred can be fought with mallet and sword, but whatever the fuck that thing was will require more power than they’re in condition to muster.

Olympia gained 5 disposition with Selthan, 5 Disposition with Liam Croix

Marcus gained 5 disposition with Selthan, 5 Disposition with Liam Croix

Kossick gained 5 disposition with Selthan, 5 Disposition with Liam Croix

Charles Kitchen gained 5 disposition with Selthan, 5 Disposition with Liam Croix

The Marred March (Part 1)
Jason leads a small band to save the Marex

In the chaos and confusion following the orders to evacuate Tent town, Honey of Marex manages to find Jason sand. Her eyes filled with a supernatural glow, she speaks to Jason in flurry of accented words. Her voice is not her own, Brix’shi of Marex speaks through her. He is racing back to the valley of the Marex to warn them of an attack, but may not arrive in time. He requests that Jason and some other adventurers from Dilreen attempt to make the trek to the Valley ahead of time. As a precaution, Brix’shi has activated the valley’s full array of defenses; a challenge that should not prove fatal to a powerful mage such as Jason Sand.

Tok, Nightshade, Jason and Net’up Sur are hiking up the hills toward the Valley. Nightshade has managed to coerce a number of the Scale marines into aiding them, and the stalwart lizardmen bring up the rear with nary a complaint. Their first challenge is to enter the valley at all, through the Whispering Pass. The rocky crack in the hills leading to the mystical valley isn’t whispering, its howling! Powerful winds batter the travelers. Some attempt to employ brute strength, or magical skill, but it is their go-mar shaman’s respect for nature and concern for his fellows that allows them to prevail. The goblin’s careful use of trees to navigate along the windy pass allows him to advance quickly, and he throws a rope behind for his friends to catch up. Their respect for the forces of nature, as well as their teamwork, allow them to pass into the valley.

Their next path takes them into the deep forests of the valley. Hours in, they are confronted by mirror images of themselves. Our heroes and the marines are dumbfounded, and the duplicates force their counterparts to move around, jumbling the real heroes with the fabrications. Only through clever inquiry can they deduce who is truly whom. When the final duplicate is revealed, it bursts into a ball of floating light. The wisp flies away so quickly, Nightshade hardly has time to be entranced by its glow.

Their final challenge at first appears to be a simple walk through a clearing. Raised stumps lift just above the petals of a flowery clearing. Nightshade tiptoes effortlessly along the stumps, as does Tok. Jason, striding confidently through the wild plants, is assailed by a stinging cloud of poisonous pollen. His lungs already straining, he performs a magical leaping spell… Into a patch of thorns! Netup’sar tumbles in as well, but is quickly rescued by Nightshade. The easiest path through the forest beyond the meadow is thick copse of trees bent to form a narrow, low tunnel. Tok, leading, is the first to discover that the treas have fast growing thorns. As the barbs rapidly reach dagger size, he falls on his hands and knees to duck, only to find that the thorns have stopped growing.

The rest of the party emulates the chil’d, walking on all fours until they’re out of the bramble. Jason manages to leap his way out, though a bit ruffed up. The only thing standing between our heroes and Marex is a narrow creek, and beyond that, a marble white gravel path leading to the village. Netup’sar is the first to cross, stepping over the water and on to the path with no ill effects. Jason sips the waters, testing their contents before stepping across. He finds the white stone path hot to the touch. Tok and Nightshade leap across, only to have their shoes ignite in searing fire! Jason deduces that they need to cleanse themselves before crossing the beautiful white path, and after bathing in the waters, the stones are no longer hot. Unfortunately, the battle going on just below in the village is nearly as heated.

There, the Marex clash with the 1st Tribe. Glowing green eyes are smashed in by clubs and flayed by whips, magic from both sides instantly petrifies marred, or turns them into festering piles of plant waste. The marines form a defensive formation around Nightshade, allowing him to pepper the crowd with arrows. Eventually, he spots a particularly nasty looking brute attacking a ho-mar magic user. He makes a beeline while the rest clear out the throng. When they finally catch up with the Dark Fair, he’s sneaked around above the pair of marred as they talk. The dark ho-mar, wielding a wickedly curved boomerang, commands the druid to heal his wounds. The druid grudgingly complies, and the ho-mar commands a hulking wolf-beast to attack the heroes.

A pitched battle ensues, where the ho-mar is nary able to attack. In the end, the wolf is slain and his master falls. Brix’shii reveals that the slain villain is none other than his son, Zal’shii. The battle ends shortly after, with our heroes at a loss for what to do next.

Sagava's Folly
A mysterious newcomer witnesses a violent dockside attack

The town’s commerce continues at a brisk pace around the small meeting pit. There, the council debates about what ought to be done with Cian duVan. Jason & Tok are there, as well as representatives from Eastenbarrow and the injured Tef. As they argue, a strange new fair comes offers to solve their problem for them by killing duVan. This sets off a fresh uproar, which Doddin eventually quells by delaying any judgement until Tef is fit to face his attacker.

Throught the morning, the dusky elf continues to observe Jason & Tok. When spotted, he makes a run for it, but Tok catches up to him at the docks. As a crowd of dock workers heads back to work after listening to one of the Scale Marines recount the tale of their battle at Eastenbarrow. Jason finally catches up to the pair, but one of the dock workers sticks a dagger in his gut!

Fighting through the pain, Jason, Tok, and the mysterious new comer fight off a pair of assassins looking to collect the bounty on Jason’s head. Tussling with the larger of the pair, the Dark Fair finally plants a stiletto in his back. Jason, spell weaving even as his strength wanes, keeps control of the other until Tok lands a sickening shot through the man’s throat with his harpoon.

On the deck of a nearby ship, Sagava Robe emerges and fires a salvo of arrows at the trio. The dark fair flees as the arrows slam into Jason Sand with little effect. The remaining pair might’ve had some trouble with the archer-knight if Jotunn had not spied the trouble from atop his mighty Griffin. Harried by Jason’s spells and forced to take cover, the Horselord never saw the mek’s giant arrow streaking towards him. With a thunderous “Bang!” the arrow slams through Sagava’s leg with enough force to slip his ship from its mooring.

Cursing all the way, Sagava commands the peasants aboard the ship to row a retreat.

Rewards from this Session

Each participant recieved 318 XP, except Jotunn, who receives half.

Nightshade has gained +1 disposition with the Eastenbarrow Mining Company

Jason Sand has gained -50 disposition with Sagava Robe

Tok has gained -20 disposition with Sagava Robe.

With Terrorists
Jason Sand and company go after Cian duVan

Back in town, Jason Sand has finally returned from studying with the mystical Marex tribe. Several days have passed, during which the go-mar shaman Net’upsur has been working for the Marshals of Lake Dilreen. Several newcomers have arrived as well. Jotunn, a giant from a the AEsir tribe, and a merchant named Lawrence.

Lawrence sees about finding some steady work in town, and one of the guards leads him to Tef’s smith. The town’s construction boom has left him with several dozen projects to finish quickly, so he sets the newcomer to re-fitting the fleet of fishing ships with new pulleys, caps, and other small metal work.

Jotunn’s exotic pets, a griffin and a Hippogriff, are causing quite a stir in town. The guards ask the Mek-mar to stable them somewhere outside of town. Jotunn takes them to a wooded area with plenty of room to hunt and fly. In town, later, he is approached by Tok, who wants to learn more about the gentle giant over a jar of Honey’s honey.

Disaster strikes the town. As Lawrence is delivering a shipment of recently completed work, he discovers Tef Eastenbarrow laying on the floor of his smith. The workshop’s been ransacked and Tef’s had both of his legs broken. Lawrence summons help and the guards carefully cart the dwarf down to Kelzac’s hut to get the poor digger some magical healing. A crowd soon forms outside, and their wild speculations are soon confirmed: Cian duVan is responsible for the attack. The concerned crowd quickly turns into a mob, with some rushing back to the adventurer’s camp to arm themselves. Wilson Tanner and Grath manage to dispatch the Scale Marines to the mountain trail entrance of Eastenbarrow. Recalling the hefty bounty on the rogue digger’s head, Jason quickly assembles a motley crew to capture duVan and reclaim the Truceblade.

Net’up sur, the toothfish shaman, has been working with the marshals to map the area north of the town. While returning with his delicately scrawled papyrus map, his go-mar instincts kick in and he hides in a near by bush. A band of digger bandits soon passes by, and sensing something isn’t right, they flee. The leader tells them to “run around south again to throw them off, we’ll meet north at the pass!” Jotunn is also near by, and discovers a crossbow bolt stuck into the wing of his hippogriff. The giant is very upset, and stomps back toward town intent on finding the would-be poacher of his beloved pet.

Near the inn, Jason is quickly assembling his bounty hunting party. Remembering Net’up sur’s skill during the battle of the blockade, he invites the go-mar and quickly learns the possible ruse the diggers used to throw off their pursuers. Tok convinces Jotunn that the crossbow quarrel must’ve come from one of the dwarves, and Lawrence, feeling a responsibility to return the sword, demands to come as well.

With Jotunn’s flying mounts, they’re able to cover the distance to the north mountain pass in mere hours. A storm is blowing across the north face of the modest mountain that houses the back entrance to the Eastenbarrow mine. Its only during the flash of a lightning strike that the bountyhunting party is able to see diggers at the door to the mine. Our heroes land farther down the slope and carefully treck up the muddy path to attack the Hildenbarrows from behind. Jason Sand, however, drops from the hippogriff’s back to engage duVan’s men at point-blank. The masked mage is quickly subdued by angry diggers as his companions slip and slide their way to the top. Jotunn’s aim is hampered by the storm, but his shots draw the crossbowmen’s aim to him and away from his companions. The terrorists release a small boulder to roll down and crush their pursuers, which Tok and Net’up Sur neatly dodge. The tide turns once Jason’s mesmerizing enchantment forces Cian duVan down the hidden ladder.

Seeing how badly the battle is going, duVan decides to take the opportunity given to him and flee, only to be confronted by Lawrence. Lawrence distracts the rogue long enough for the others to catch up and surround him. They disarm duVan and Jotunn scoops him up in his meaty hands, whisking him back to the town to answer for his crimes.

Rewards for this session:

Jotunn, Tok, Net’up Sur, Lawrence, and Jason each receive 483xp

Each participant gains +1 disposition with Tef Eastenbarrow.

Tok gains +1 disposition with Honey of Marex

Jason gains +2 disposition with Jem Jezzeret, -10 disposition with Wilson Tanner.

Jotunn gains +1 disposition with Honey of Marex.

Net’up Sur gains +2 disposition with Marshal Sal Fishman.


9 dried packs of tea.
8 silver worth of iron ingots

Olympia returns, and finds herself a "guest" of Lord Brandywine

The darkness that engulfed the Midglass seems like a distant memory only after a few days. Our heroes have opened diplomatic relations with the Marex, and have returned to Lake Dilreen having learned more about the Toothfish.

Olympia, finished working on the Truceblade with Tef, goes to investigate Lord Brandywine’s estate with her own eyes. An all too eager ferrymen takes her down river where she is escorted by a watchmen into the stump-dotted hillside that makes up the horseman’s new fiefdom. Upon discerning the conscript’s intentions, she promptly murders him, throwing the body in a ditch and absconding with his clothes. While trying to understand the social situation of the fief with a fearful serf she is grabbed by Brandywine’s goons and hauled off to his fortress. There, her attempts at assassination are stymied by Lucious Saldanna. The Scale assassin and the knight Sagava Robe conspire to keep her hostage along with several other women from the village.

In town, Marcus argues with Liam about the best course of action for procuring the land. The overglasser seeks out Kelzac’s help as an interpreter, while Kossick discusses security at the inn with an irate Memmnot. Tef is beginning to worry after not seeing olympia for a day. Grath even flies to Eastenbarrow to see if she’s with Jem Jezzeret and her kin, but she’s nowhere to be found. An message stabbed into the inn door with an arrow announces that Olympia has been arrested as a spy. A more private message reaches Liam Croix detailing the terms for the release of the Lady Memmnot.

Our four heroes make for Brandywine’s land and are greeted by Lucious Saldanna and the ever stoic Gettishkun Woswold, along with a contingent of weary foot soldiers. Their negotiations revolve around the legality of slavery in the area, and the representatives of the rogue noblemen claim to have been sold these women by a native of Lake Dilreen. They are allowed to take Olympia back with them, but to retrieve the rest of the women, a hefty sum must be paid. The matter of Lady Memmnot is entirely different, requiring either Memmnot’s collection of scrolls or a sum of one thousand silver pieces.

The proposal is taken to an emergency meeting of the town council. Before they can assemble in the Inn, Tef Eastenbarrow is discovered mangled in his shop. The poor blacksmith has been beaten within an inch of his life by Cian DuVan and his thugs. Legs badly broken, Tef cries out for someone to find his sword.

At the council meeting, they immediately agree to pay the ransom, leaving the question of slavery for another day. They task Grath, Marcus and Olympia with safeguarding the ransom, and ask Kossick to put together a goodwill feast to celebrate the end of hostilities between the two settlements. They agree, but begin to hatch their own plan upon leaving the inn. Before leaving the town, Grath helps organize some of the Scale marines to rout duVan’s forces at Eastenbarrow.

Upon arriving at the rinky-dink pier along the River Down, there is some difficulty lifting the overflowing treasure chest off on to shore. Cian duVan’s mooks attack. After slaying her share, Olympia runs off and avoids Brandywine’s men on the road. The rest route the diggers before Saldanna and Woswold arrive. Kossick and his men begin preparing the hearty feast, while the conscripts scour the woods searching for more Digger bandits. Saldanna carefully counts every last gleaming piece of silver, all the while, Olympia searches for her stolen longknife. When time grows short, she sneaks into Brandywine’s private tent.

A threat uttered, a pouch of black powder is lit atop Brandywine’s bandaged torso. The powder explodes, pushing Olympia out into the fortress’s courtyard and fleeing for her life through a hail of arrow fire. She meets up with the boat a mile upstream from the small dock after the others have fed the rest of the Horselord’s men. No doubt Brandywine has much to ponder before making his next move.

Marexecutive Decision
Tragedy and Triumph in the northern mountains

The town’s progress continues at a brisk pace. It has been three days since Lord Brandywine and his men were defeated by Marcus and his allies. In that time, Grath has begun working with the town marshals to expand the territory of the town, flying low over forests and helping map the woods leading to the foothills.

Marcus takes his time to attempt his first try at gunpowder in the Midglass, with mixed results.

Jason attempts to gain some solitude in which to study scrolls, but Mrs. McCracken’s farm has an unwelcome guest: one of Lord Brandywine’s men. He scares the watchman off, for now.

Tok has occupied himself taking care of T’ch Dil. His attention eventually strays to the theft of Mrs. Doddin’s new necklace, which he and Grath investigate to no avail.

It is the evening of the town feast. An event to celebrate the progress the town has made after a nonth of trade and building. Charles Kitchen is the hero of the evening, having found the filthy filcher of Mrs Doddin’s necklace.

Marcus sits down and tries to pursuade Liam Croix to move the site of his new manor, but the merchant insists Marcus find a way for it to work. The overglasser speaks with Honey of Marex, who suggests he seek council with the Marex- A tribe of mystics hidden in the northern mountain valley.

Jason makes a plea to both Selthan and Wilson Tanner to do something about Lord Brandywine’s men encroaching upon Dilreen’s southern shores. The Tanner-turned-Guard captain agrees that something ought to be done soon, but Selthan is less concerned.

The next day, Jason is greeted by Tok. The sneaktheif has procured several scrolls of dubious make. Jason examines them briefly, before leaving Tok to create quick forgeries. The magic user has been asked by Marcus to serve as an interpreter in today’s errand, and cannot be delayed.

Marilyn, feeling somewhat less ill, believes that she and Grath ought to go for a stroll through the mountains as well. The quintet sets off into the north again, but it is only hours into their journey that the sky grows dark. The sun has been eclipsed, an somewhere a tribute goes unpaid. The unnatural darkness stymies all attempts at navigation within the narrow mountain passes north of the lake, and our heroes become lost in the thick fog of a forested valley.

It is there that an unfamiliar voice speaks to them, beckoning them away. They become separated in the fog, and Grath finds himself at the edge of a small stream, fighting for his life as go-mar and nightmarish plant monsters leap from the bush.

Hearing the cries of her mate, Marilyn charges off into the mist as well, leaving Jason and Marcus to find their way. Some how Marcus arrives to the draken’s aid first, shooting the apparent leader of the enemy forces in the back. Go-mar rush to the fallen mystic’s aid with unusual skill, forming formations and administering medical attention.

Marilyn makes her arrival in a blazing inferno, spewing flame onto the plant monsters and go-mar. The mystic regains consciousness just in time to flee with a spell of tree-walking, leaving his goblins to perish. A few stubborn plant monsters hang on, and marcus and his steed Barthalamue are dragged into the stream. Fighting for dear life, the monsters manage to choke the life out of the horse before being rent asunder.

Jason, having uncovered the enemy mage’s position, orders a summoned minion to attack. When the ho-mar shaman calls for parlay with his final breath, Jason administers aid and whisks him away on the back of a conjured elemental to a cave where he can recover.

Bereft of his stalwart companion, Marcus leads a silent march of rage toward the marred camp. The trail leading through the valley takes them to the edge of an unusually neat and tidy collection of huts near a large cave opening. The marred there are defensive, but don’t attack; instead locking the draken and their man inside a cage. One particularly lazy giant says he’s willing to help the three escape in the morning.

Meanwhile, Jason nurses the Ho-mar back to health. He is Brix-shii, one of the leaders of the Marex. Apparently, Grath’s ties to the Black Scale Flight made him believe the travelers were a threat. Understanding their true purpose, he asks Jason for their help in rescuing his son from the First Tribe and The Voice. He and Jason return to Marex just in time to help the others convince Orim, the or-mar leader of the Marex, that the travelers aren’t dangerous.

Marcus’s questions about the Toothfish burial ground at Liam’s proposed manor aren’t exactly answered by the stoic ogre, but he implies that the Toothfish may accept trade. Marcus and the Draken leave Jason behind to learn more about the Marex.

While they’ve been gone, the no great chaos has befallen the town, even during the period of darkness. The thief accused of stealing Mrs. Doddin’s has escaped at some point during the evening.

Rewards for this session:

XP and loot have already been divided, but

Tok gains +5 disposition with Goobshkahn, +1 disposition with Mrs. Doddin

Jason gains +1 disposition with Wilson Tanner, +2 disposition Brix-shii of Marex

Marcus gains +5 disposition with Honey of Marex.

Grath gains +2 disposition with Marshal Sal Fishman.

The Next Wave
Several newcomers arrive in Lake Dilreen

With the Mudclaws and their 1st tribe allies in retreat, the River Down has been opened to traffic again. The narrow section of the river leading to the strait of Lake Dilreen has seen steady boat traffic. Several dozen newcomers have arrived in town, and with the forming of an official Town Council and the recent deal between the Digger clans, the Lake Dilreen has begun a massive overhaul to accommodate a larger population.

After a nonth, the Inn, pier, roads, and homes within the town have undergone renovations. Seeing the growing prosperity in the town, Jason Sand has decided that taking on an apprentice would be a worthwhile use of his time. Out of all the townsfolk, the only one that appears to have a glimmer of magical talent is Yetsle Alfere, the apprentice tanner to Wilson. Wilson is the councilman in charge of the town guard, and he’s reluctant to give up his apprentice while the guards need so much equipment. He asks Jason to have a word with Sal about his “bounty hunting” excursions before going back to his conversation with Memmnot.

Tock makes his triumphant return again shopping for T’ch Dil. Surly Thoren Hyde is unable to provide the chil’d with spices, as Kossick Xenotar has purchased them all to make feasts for a wealthy merchant that’s just arrived in town. Tok decides to have a word with the merchant at the inn.

There, Liam Croix wines and dines his guests, Memmnot and his his wife. The crafty halfling takes the opportunity to rifle through the merchant’s pockets before striking up a conversation. Master Croix wants to build a home on a lovely cape he saw while sailing toward town, but the council won’t allow him to purchase the services of a work crew to build it. Tok believes he can help get Liam some labor at the next council meeting.

Marcus Kelroc finally helped Tef finish his wondrous sword. The rumors of someone inquiring about overglassers. He asks around, and finally confront Ki, one of The Fair that have recently come to the lake. She says that she hasn’t said anything, but that she saw Marcus and her husband on the road later. The encounter leaves Marcus thoroughly bewildered, but he sets off down the road. There, he meets the duly appointed marshal Sal and his right-hand-uruk Nik carrying a captive digger they believe to be the notorious Cian duVan. Marcus talks to the digger and tries to convince the pair that the hapless vandal is merely one of duVan’s lackies, when the man responsible for the Hildenbarrow’s capture saunters up the road. The Fair archer Hion helped thwart the digger’s attempt to unbind lumber at a now Eastenbarrow owned logging site. He invites Marcus to drink with him in, cryptically saying that they’ll have “only three drinks.” Halfway back to town, Jason arrives and reminds Marshal Fishman of his duties, asking him to bring the digger before the council.

As Elsa Dil’s cousin and her delightful children continue entertaining the inn, Marcus watches Hion down several glasses of wine. He’s dogged in his questioning, trying everything he can think of to get Hion to spill the beans. Finally giving up, his attention drifts off to the conversation between Liam Croix and his two dinner companions. Memmnot’s insults about the town catch the overglasser’s ire, and after a brief exchange, Liam reveals he knows where Marcus is from. He then commands Hion to throw Marcus out. Ki arrives and lashes into a bemused Marcus with her rapier wit, but to no avail. He and Liam agree to have a discussion, rather than resort to violence. Marcus discovers that Liam is escaping from “Tax Men.” Overglassers that exact tribute from their Midglass subjects. The merchant hoped to escape the reach of the overglassers in Lake Dilreen, hiring the services of a pair of Fair bodyguards.

Elswhere, Grath Fletcher flies north in search of the Black Scale Flight. Far past the shores of the lake and deep into the rugged mountains, Grath finds a group of armored draken feasting upon a slain party of marred warriors. Skulking in darkness, he finds that the draken are nightblind as he calls out to them from the bushes. Their curiosity piqued, they cautiously invite Grath to share in their kill, and to fly north to join their organization. They mention "The Great One, a massive draken who demands absolute submission from the members of the flight.

Near the source of the River Down, the four Draken land and resupply. Their first task is to have Grath inscribe his name on a large, red stone rock. The stone sits beneath a craggy overhang, and is scarred with the names of scores of Draken, the loyal army of the great one. A few quick claw marks seals the pact, and Grath’s mind is transported to a far away realm. Before he truly regains consciousness, he is in flight to the west, searching for Dragon and the rest of his- “their” army.

In a forest across the western bank of the river, the horizon burns the deep orange of an long burning flame. The Great One’s multitudes revel in the flame. Discarding their black armor among the cinders, their dance is at once a triumphant stomp, and a roaring tantrum of rage. Losing his companions in the crowd, Grath walks to the center of the blaze to meet Dragon. At the top of a pile of burning trees, the huge draken spews fire miles into the sky. Seeming angered that one dare interrupt, he snatches one of his minions, killing him to demonstrate his strength. When Grath refused to be cowed, Dragon disappeared to the far side of the burning mountain of logs, inviting the smaller draken to council.

After speaking, the great one’s anger returned, and he expelled Grath from the gathering. The flight back to Dilreen took days, and by the time he had only one day to rest before the town council meeting.

At the meeting, two issues are of paramount importance. The first is the matter of the digger work crews. Tok and Marcus both make a case for freeing up a smaller crew to work on building Liam Croix’s home. Thoren Hyde argues against them, but the council votes in their favor. Lord Brandywine then makes his case for his membership on the council, citing his nobility.

Marcus thinks that’s bullshit, and ends up challenging him to a duel. In the middle of the night, Jason Sand ferries the ever industrious Tok down river to engage in a daring solo raid of the lord’s camp. He sneaks past the fortifications and over to the horse tie where he attempts to “liberate” what is most likely Brandywine’s personal steed. The horse is fastened firmly and drags the tie and some of the other horses a few feet before snapping free. One of Brandywine’s knights is awakened, and fires arrows at Tok to no avail. Just when the Chil’d sneak thinks he’s home free, a shrill whistle stops the horse dead in its tracks. He’s only able to pilfer a necklace from the saddle bag before fleeing into the night.

The next morning a groggy Jason and Tok join Grath and Marilyn in supporting Marcus at his duel just outside the town’s fence. Brandywine shows up with a retinue of knights. At the first charge, the rogue horselord pierces Kelroc’s armor with the tip of his lance. Marcus, in a cunning ploy, drops his lance and quickly draws his loaded Musketoon, shooting Brandywine clean through. The lord and his knights retreat, but one is killed as he furiously attacks the adventurers. Jason’s conjured servitor also kills one of the mounted archers.

It appears as though Lord Brandywine won’t be joining the council, but they’re still in need of a 13th member.

Rewards from this session:

Each player receives 5+legend reputation.

Each player receives 136 XP

1 wax sealing kit from Bram

10 silver coins

76 silver coins

1 pouch full of cooking spices

Tok and Jason receive a “mysterious magical necklace”

Each player receives -5 disposition with Lord Brandywine and his Knights.

Marcus Kelroc receives +1 disposition with Liam Croix, +1 disposition with Wharfmaster Doddin, -2 disposition with Memmnot, -1 Disposition with Hion and Ki, -1 Disposition with Thoren Hyde.

Tok receives +2 disposition with Liam Croix, +1 disposition with Wharfmaster Doddin, -1 Disposition with Ivylace Memmnot, -1 Disposition with Thoren Hyde.

Jason Sand receives +2 disposition with Yetsle Alfrere, +1 Disposition with Wilson Tanner, +1 Disposition with Sal Fishman, -50 Disposition with Sagava Robe.


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