Welcome to the River Down.

And welcome to the Hourglass. The Fantasy-Sci-fi world set within a miniaturized, artificial ecosystem. Here you’ll find our setting information, character biographies, and adventure logs. Follow along with our players as they create the first generation of heroes in the Midglass.

News Update: 6-8-11

1. Adventure logs inbound. Plenty of stuff to update after the Attack event.

We’re going to take a short break to get everybody’s downtime stuff settled. Downtime rewards are as follows:

-Everyone first adds their current xp rewards. If you level up, great. MAKE SURE to indicate your current xp and save this value.

- Advance one career level. Everybody.

-See your relevant adventure log for your specific rewards.

-Post in the (upcoming) downtime thread on the forums to plan what you want to do during a year of downtime.

-Hold on to your socks. We’re about to start the real campaign.

The Town News

12th day of the 4th Nonth
The town council calls an emergency meeting-

The town is under attack

The town is safe. Minimal damage to the town’s structures, although tent-town suffered significant damage. Once the flow of commerce returns, everything will be back to normal. Unfortunately, Selthan’s got everyone spooked again with tales of a giant monster living within the Eastenbarrow.